Vagabond ≫ SUMI -Vagabond Illustrations B/W

SUMI -Vagabond Illustrations B/W

SUMI -Vagabond Illustrations B/W

SUMI -Vagabond Illustrations B/W

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You will see the whole 8 years that Takehiko INOUE put his heart & time to one of his master piece, "VAGABOND", a wonderful samurai manga. He made 2 Art Books at the same time, and this is the "Black & White" version. 164 pages with B&W illustrations drawn by pen or hair pencil. Fans will be surprised by its delicacy & perfect line works. Deluxe book.

164 pages, Black & white, 29 x 22.5cm, Soft cover

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / Illustration book
Publisher Kodansha JP
Series Vagabond
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Drama , Adventure , Romance , Historical , Samurai
Product Code KOD-VAGA0002
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Customer reviews
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"No new images..." by Ying (Sweden) on Aug 28, 2007

The art is, as always highly detailed with strong brush strokes but what I miss in this artbook is new images.
I've already seen all this images in the manga. The only difference being larger format and removed text.
I guess Inoue-san was too busy to draw new images...

If you like the artwork of Vagabond and would like to see the images in a larger format, this artbook is for you.