Tenchi Muyo (No need for Tenchi) ≫ All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 09 GN

All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 09 GN

All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 09 GN

All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 09 GN

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There's one person who hasn't been a part of Tenchi's hectic life: his mother, who died when he was a little boy...or so he's always thought. Imagine Tenchi's shock when his mother comes walking up the road to the Masaki shrine! But when Ryoko and Ayeka try to learn the full story behind this family reunion, they run into trouble. With Ayeka shut up in Washu's lab and Ryoko drifting through space, who can save Tenchi from a dose of not-quite-motherly love?

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Tenchi Muyo (No need for Tenchi)
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Adventure , Romance , Harem
Product Code VIZ-NNTT1009
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"All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 9" by Veli Vidgren (Finland) on Sep 6, 2007

All new Tenchi Muyo! volume 9 begins with three shorter stories. First, Tenchi and gang are substitute players in a baseball match. But it's not easy for Ryoko to hold back her powers, especially when Yume shows up (once again) to challenge Washu and her team. In second story Ryoko tries desperately to improve her cooking in order to be a fitting wife for Tenchi some day. It may not sound difficult, but Ryoko's cooking skills are out f this world... in a bad way. In third story, Washu attempts to do some research on Mihoshi's incredible luck, but said detective's interference creates something extraordinary...

The main story begins when a mysterious lady breaks into Yosho's apartment and steals something with personal value. Shortly after this, to everyone's surprise, Tenchi's late mother appears. Tenchi is overjoyed, of course, but Ryoko and Ayeka find something suspicious about her. Could there be a connection between her and the mysterious person seen earlier?

Hitoshi Okuda continues with his impeccable art and nicely written stories, although they sometimes suffer from cliches. Even the main story's pattern may appear to be familiar; a mystery appears in the middle of daily life, starting to affect it slowly and eventually it presents a definitive threat. Still, it is well written enough to keep one on the edge of one's seat. Tenchi fans looking for an exciting multi-chapter multi-volume story should not miss this volume.