Mobile suit Gundam ≫ Mobile suit Gundam 0079 vol 1 TP

Mobile suit Gundam 0079 vol 1 TP

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Mobile suit Gundam 0079 vol 1 TP

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The official adaptation of the classic anime movie! In the 22nd century, half the human population lives in colonies in outer space, and history is made when the militaristic Duchy of Zeon declares its independence from Earth. A bloody civil war appears inevitable. To save the lives of his friends and family, young civilian Amuro Rey must wield his father's prototype secret weapon - the Mobile Suit Gundam - in a desperate move that will reshape the future of war! Collects the first seven issues of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Text source: Previews November 1999

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Adult All ages
Department Books / Comics
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Mobile suit Gundam
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Product Code PRE-1999110106
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