Tenchi Muyo (No need for Tenchi) ≫ All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 08 GN

All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 08 GN

All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 08 GN

All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 08 GN

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The gang plays host to a mad-scientist class reunion when Sara, an underclassman from Washu's academy days, crash-lands outside the Masaki shrine. Sara is just as dinky as Washu, almost as smart, and much, much klutzier. Surely no one this cute could have sinister ulterior motives... or could she? Either way, the reunion wouldn't be complete without a visit from Yume, Washu's evil rival for the title of Number One Genius Scientist in the Galaxy. And when the talk moves from fond reminisces of college life to present-day plans for galactic conquest, Tenchi and his friends have to save Washu from losing her mind... to a super-genius thief!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Tenchi Muyo (No need for Tenchi)
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Adventure , Romance , Harem
Product Code VIZ-NNTT1008
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"All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 8" by Veli Vidgren (Finland) on Sep 5, 2007

In this volume of All new Tenchi Muyo! we meet an old acquaintance, Yume, Washu's old rival, as she and her collegues visit Masaki residence with some students. One of them, Sara, challenges Washu into a virtual duel and after losing proposes to be her servant. Yume finds this somewhat suspicious, and starts to investigate Sara's history. She and also others find eventually that Sara might be more than meets the eye... but is it too late for Washu?

Once again, we are introduced with a multi chapter story with an antagonist. There is also room for two shorter stories; first is about a match-maker trying to find out which of the girls Tenchi likes best, and the other is about Sasami... involved in a thriller? The volume ends with extraordinary four-panel comics, that fans of Azumanga Daioh and like might find refreshing.

Hitoshi Okuda keeps on delivering nice-looking art and story with comedy, drama, romance and sometimes suspense. Sara is a typical Okuda-created character, being mostly cute and having a backstory of her own. Therefore, she is not totally one-dimentional, although she lacks some originality. The shorter stories are typical Tenchi stuff. In first of them, Tenchi gives his long-waited opinion about the status quo.

Being nothing utterly surprising, All new Tenchi Muyo! volume 8 is again recommended for fans of Tenchi and other romantic comedies. When you've gotten this far, there's no point stopping now, right? ^_^