Fullmetal Alchemist ≫ Fullmetal alchemist vol 04 GN

Fullmetal alchemist vol 04 GN

Fullmetal alchemist vol 04 GN

Fullmetal alchemist vol 04 GN

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Trapped and injured in a secret alchemical laboratory, Edward Elric is at the mercy of his enemies, Lust and Envy. But they don't want him dead...they have other plans for him. As the laboratory goes up in flames, the brothers find themselves back at square one, with only an inkling of the massive scale the Philosopher's Stone conspiracy. But then, Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes uncovers a shocking secret...

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Adventure
DC Previews 2005 AUG
Product Code DCSTK288489
Customer reviews
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"Spoiler alert! mooi deel van de manga." by Haruna (Nederland) on Apr 17, 2016


ik ben vrij dol op dit deel van de manga reeks; zoals in de anime dit was mijn fave stukje. de ruzie tussen de Elric brothers. verder is de stijl weer mooi, Hiromu Arakawa heeft de art weer goed gedaan

"lekker lezen" by shirley craane (Netherlands) on Apr 3, 2012

door het lezen van dit deel ben ik helemaal blij net als elke fan zo zijn maar ik raad het cht aan het is echt een super verhaal en dan zijn we pas bij deel 4 kan niet wachten tot ik de volgende binnen krijg

"nice" by Glittertje (Netherlands) on Jul 7, 2009

Na deel 3 bijna letterlijk "verslonden" te hebben, ben ik direct begonnen met het "verslinden" van dit deel. Mooi verhaal, wat ik echt goed vind in dit deel is de introductie van de homunculus. Ik ben echt dol op de personages Lust, Envy en Gluttony. Ook krijgen we in dit deel meer te zien van Winry, Eds automailmechanic. Een aanrader voor iedere fan.

"great" by oboro1989 (Netherlands) on Sep 23, 2007

This volume is a real must for every fullmetal alchemist fan.
This volume at first is the real start for the homunculus. Lust and Gluttony are finally starting to act and also the debut of the new homunculus, envy, is in this volume. Lust and Gluttony are asskicking scar, and envy shows edward that he has too train a little more.
The second point for this volume is another 'debut', the one of the cute mechanic winry rockbell. She has been seen in other volumes too, but from now on she is really going too play a much more seen part, yay=D.
Another nice part is that you can finally see Meas Hughes fighting, although He had better stay home whith his wife and kid.
And last but certainly not least: the real fun extra's and offcourse the side story/ This one shows you that Riza Hawkeye isn't that cute and nice as you think, she shows that she can be very strict and scary, which leaves the 'dogs of the "military" trembling on there legs.

So in short: everyone should buy fullmetal alchemist volume 4^^