Miscellaneous ≫ Moorcock Elric HC Vol 02 (of 4) Stormbringer (Hardcover)

Moorcock Elric HC Vol 02 (of 4) Stormbringer (Hardcover)

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Moorcock Elric HC Vol 02 (of 4) Stormbringer (Hardcover)

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Yyrkoon fled Melniboné with Elric's beloved Cymoril. Left behind, heartbroken and humiliated, the albino emperor pursues them with the help of Straasha, King of the Sea Elementals. Finding that Yyrkoon is hiding in the ruins of Dhoz Kham, in the heart of the Young Kingdoms, Elric prepares to challenge his treacherous cousin and rescue Cymoril. But little does he know that this quest will forever change his destiny, as he finds the legendary cursed sword Stormbringer... Continuing the stunning new comic adaptation of the classic Elric of Melniboné novels by Michael Moorcock!

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Adult All ages
Department books / Graphic Novels - Trade Paperbacks
Series Miscellaneous
Shop Comics & POP Culture
Primary language English
Genre Drama , Adventure , Science Fiction , Action , Supernatural , Thriller , Occult , Detective , Action/Adventure , Adult , Crime , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery , Superhero
DC Previews 2018 APR
Product Code DCSTL092680
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