Negima ≫ Negima vol 07 GN

Negima vol 07 GN

Negima vol 07 GN

Negima vol 07 GN

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After their adventures on a school trip to Kyoto, you'd think that Negi and his students would want to rest, but now that they're back at Mahora Academy, relaxation is pretty low on the list! First there are Asuna's dreams, which hint at a deeper relationship between Negi and his father, of which she is unaware. Then Negi starts a quest to improve his abilities. To do this, the teacher will need to become a student - and Negi's students will become his teachers.

Fei Ku is a master of every martial art imaginable, but can she teach Negi the skill he needs to survive? And there's only one magic user at Mahora Academy with abilities that surpass Negi's own. Dark Evangeline might train him, but only for a price - and does Negi really want to be Evangeline's personal slave?!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Del Rey
Series Negima
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Harem , Action , Magical girl , Ecchi
Product Code DEL-NEGT0007
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"Traditional mage or Combat mage?" by Rage (Nederland) on Jun 22, 2006

A dream from the past, Asuna's past gets abit revealed. Negi wants to be trained by the "I'm evil ut I pretend to be good" Evangeline. But Evangeline puts Negi on the test making him battle Chachamaru, if he's able to hit her once he wins, so Negi is going into training with the Chinese Martial Arts expert Ku Fei, he'll train as hard as hee can but will the young Negi be able to fight against a robot filled with differant combat-skills??!! Those who like hand to hand combat enjoy it now!!!