Mobile suit Gundam ≫ High grade Buster Gundam 1/144 scale

High grade Buster Gundam 1/144 scale

High grade Buster Gundam 1/144 scale

High grade Buster Gundam 1/144 scale

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Product details
Adult All ages
Department Figures and Collectibles / PVC model kits
Publisher Bandai
Series Mobile suit Gundam
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Science Fiction , Action , Giant robots , Space opera
Product Code BAN-GSEZ0001
Customer reviews
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"Very nice" by Coolguy (België) on Oct 16, 2005

Like we all (should) know: the HG 1/144 are most of the time downgraded/resized 1/100s

With agility and arsenal galore, Gundam Seed's Buster Gundam was designed for action--and this High Grade kit from Bandai brings out this bot's best!
Typical Bandai HG quality with beautiful detail, snap assembly, and full poseability with poly-caps.
Comes with stickers for the details that are not molded in color.
Parts are pre-colored, but painting will enhance appearance.

"pretty good" by Cyclone_X (Belgium) on Jul 18, 2005

Buster is a nice kit, not the best, but certainly not the worsth either
For those that dont like to paint, this model is a nice recommendation ;)
plus it has some huge canons on it's back that can combine to an even larger blaster!

if you like modelkits and Gundams, buy this

"One of the best 1/144 HG models" by firefox (België) on Feb 20, 2005

Buster may not be your favorite gundam and deakka not your favorite pilot (they were a bit left aside by the scriptwriters :( ), but the model is topclass!!

It's essentially a small 1/100 model with a little less color on the guns that are completly grey instead of having a touch of green, and that just sums up the difference.
This model requires little to no painting (which can't be said for all gundam seed 1/144 HG models), gluing is optional. It's extremely posable and showaccurat.

topclass and recommended.