Magic knight Rayearth ≫ Clamp North side HC

Clamp North side HC

Clamp North side HC

Clamp North side HC

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North Side looks at Clamp's illustrious career in manga. It features art from beloved series such as Clover, Magic Knight Rayearth, Legend of Chun Hyang, Clamp in Wonderland, and many others. Also included: original Clamp artwork, the original comic Princess Mokona, an exclusive CLAMP interview and a complete catalogue of all featured images with a description of each. The work here spans the period between 1989-2002.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / Illustration book
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Magic knight Rayearth
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Adventure , Science Fiction , Magical girl , Isekai (Other world)
Product Code PRE-2004102990
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Customer reviews
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"Great content, flawed design." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Feb 1, 2006

Don't let the 'HC' in the product title fool you - the English version of this artbook only exists in paperback form. And that makes a difference. The paperback cover feels cheap, as if two sheets of thin carboard have been crudely glued together. This hinders one when leafing through the book. Pages sometimes don't unfold smoothly, and two-page illustrations often suffer from a massive page gutter in the middle.
Thankfully, the illustrations themselves are gorgeous. This is classic CLAMP, with the trademark lush, soft colours, large glossy eyes and fantastic frocks. I find these illustrations more enjoyable in small doses. If you leaf through the whole book in one setting, you can grow tired of all those huge eyes and funky fashions. The book kicks off with colour illustrations from the phenomenal Clover. I must admit I bought this purely for the Clover illustrations. I simply love the elegant retro-futuristic gadgets and fashions of Clover, and it's a joy to leaf through a big helping of just that in full colour no less.
The rest of the book mostly contains illustrations from lesser known CLAMP works and crossover illustrations where characters from multiple CLAMP comics meet. These should be a treat for any CLAMP fan. There are a lot of rare illustrations along the way, many of which're bound to be new to the reader. I didn't find the interview at the end of the book terribly interesting and the bonus comic about Princess Mokona was just a stupid farce. Other than that, I found every segment of the book satisfying. Highly recommended to CLAMP junkies and fashion fans alike.

"rulez" by Tasz (Netherlands) on Oct 1, 2005

This is a much have =D Clamp rulez big time guys =) it has such pretty things in it ^^ I love this one =D Just like I love Tokyo Babylon, Angelic, Suki, X, Sakura, Chobits, Legal drug, clover and Rg and Wish ... and ... I'll shut up =P You know what I mean =)!! lol Just buy it ^^ No regrets ;)


~^* Tasz *^~

"Wunderschöne Zeichnungen - Best of Clamp und ihren Werken" by MP (Germany) on May 10, 2005

Das North und South Side von Clamp gehören mitunter zu einen der schönsten Artbooks meiner Sammlung. Obwohl ich bei Weitem nicht alle Werke von Clamp kenne, finde ich, dass die Zeichnungen einfach wunderschön anzusehen sind.
Es finden sich neue sowie alte Zeichnungen im Artbook wieder.
Wer die Werke von Clamp mag, wird mit den beiden Artbooks höchst zufrieden sein. Ein weiterer Faktor ist der "günstige" Preis, der die beiden Artbooks, im Vergleich zu den japanischen Importen, als Schnäppchen hinstellt.

Ich kann jedem diese beiden Prachtstücke empfehlen.