Sakura Wars ≫ Sakura wars Capsule toy part 5 random figure

Sakura wars Capsule toy part 5 random figure

Sakura wars Capsule toy part 5 random figure

Sakura wars Capsule toy part 5 random figure

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This release features a total of 6 different 7 cm high figures.

Please note: This item is sold at random. As not every figure is available in the same quantities case-wise it is unfortunately not possible to sell these in sets of 6 different figures.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Small trading figures
Publisher Bandai
Series Sakura Wars
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code BAN-SWAZ0005
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Customer reviews
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"Für Fans" by Cosmos (Deutschland) on May 2, 2010

Ich hatte die zweite Figur in grün, sie ist ganz gut für eine Gashapon Figur. Naja, hatte gehofft Sakura zu bekommen. Ich werde es nochmals versuchen vielleicht klappts ja. Für Fans empfehlenswert.

"Beautiful but...." by Qianna (Nederland) on Feb 2, 2009

As the other reviews said, the figures have a high quality indeed. They are beautifully painted and the quality of the small figures are very high... I ordered two of them, one for my sister and one for myself, we got exactly the ones we wanted! Lucky.... ^_^

I got my Sakura, but there's a small but... It is after all a gachapon, meaning that the figures come in balls. My Sakura does have a sword, but it's totally curling up. T_T Besides the fact that it's rather funny, a curly sword, it's not as pretty as when it would be straight. But furthermore, I am very satisfied with this product, and I would recommend this to others as well!! ^_^

"High quality capsule-ladies!" by Tennak (Denmark) on Feb 27, 2007

I have 3 of these figures now and the quality is really high.

They are capsule toys and comes disassembled in a large version of a plastic egg.

The build quality is good so they are easy to assemble.

They stand to approx 10-11 cm and the attention to detail is great. They have nice facial features and looks like cute anime characters. They are well-proportioned with elegant hands and feet in the right sizes. They are posed to look natural and their hair swings the right way! (If you are familiar with capsule toys in this price range, you will know that that is not always the case!)

The girl sitting with her legs crossed on a crate has glasses and rests her foot on a toolbox in just the right blue toolbox-colour.

I am very satisfied with these figures and would recommend them!