Revolutionary Girl Utena ≫ Revolutionary girl Utena The adolescence of Utena GN

Revolutionary girl Utena The adolescence of Utena GN

Revolutionary girl Utena The adolescence of Utena GN

Revolutionary girl Utena The adolescence of Utena GN

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Elegance is a way of life at Ohtori Academy. For close to one hundred years, the elite boarding school has values tradition and ceremony above almost everything else. Into this academic milieu walks Utena Tnjou, a short-stressed teenaged girl who favors trim-cut boys clothing. Almost immediately, she finds herself embroiled in sword duels, knotty romantic entanglements and a string of shady alliances. There's a cloud of mystery hanging over the campus of Ohtori and everyone Utena meets harbors a dark and twisted secret. A liberal adaptation of the movie by the same name, The Adolescence of Utena veers wildly from its original source. More direct than the anime and more mature than the original manga series, this version of Chiho Saito's fractured fairy tale blasts Utena straight into the iconic stratosphere.

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Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Primary language English
Genre Romance , Yuri
Product Code PRE-2004083148
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"Utena" by WitchAlchemist (Nederland) on Apr 7, 2008

Dit is een must voor alle Utena manga liefhebbers. En al helemaal voor de mensen die van de film genoten hebben. natuurlijk is het ook leuk voor shoujo-ai liefhebbers die gewoon iets leuks willen kopen! =)

"The Utena manga finally hits its stride." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Jul 4, 2005

I was never really impressed with the five-volume Utena manga which ran alongside the phenomenal TV series. But this one-shot manga equivalent to the Utena movie fortunately doesn't disappoint. This book is often billed as a more literal interpretation of the movie's events. In my opinion, it's more exact to say that this manga tells the same story as the movie does, but spells things out more clearly. In fact, up to the scene in the observatory tower about halfway through the book, the manga mirrors the movie fairly closely. There are some differences early on (most notably, Shiori is absent in the manga version) but it isn't until the second half of the book that the manga's events significantly deviate from those in the movie.

As a whole, the manga's story is similiar to the movie, but the told in a different style. The manga is less maddeningly obtuse and less strikingly weird. Basically, the manga is even more tightly paced than the movie was, but its story is much more accesible.In the manga, concrete bits of information about Ohtori's true nature are fed to the reader, and there's nothing like a surprise racing car metamorphosis (which was a wise decision - the movie's crazier moments such as the car chase scene just wouldn't have worked on paper).

If you enjoyed the movie, this manga is an interesting companion piece. It's a solid enough book to warrant a place in any Utena fan's collection. Newcomers to all things Utena can also enjoy this book as a good way to sample what Utena is all about, and have an enjoyable read to boot. Even the art is good throughout this time Sacrilegous as though it may be, I never really liked Chiho Saito's Utena manga art. The elongated chins and oddly-shaped mouths of her characters tend to look silly, and early volumes were rife with anatomy goofs and poorly-drawn movements (really, how hard is it to draw someone getting slapped?). This book fares much better, art-wise. The crazy mutant chins do pop up from time to time, and characters still don't look quite right with their mouths open, but it didn't bother me so much this time. The strengths of Saito's art - a great feel for page layout and frilly shojo imagery - are allowed to shine in this book. With its strenghts, this book has gone some way to reconcile me with the manga-style Utena continuity. If you buy only one Utena book, let it be this one. It's easily the best of the bunch.