Video girl AI ≫ Video girl Ai vol 01 Preproduction GN

Video girl Ai vol 01 Preproduction GN

Video girl Ai vol 01 Preproduction GN

Video girl Ai vol 01 Preproduction GN

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Yota Moteuchi is so unpopular, his nickname is "Dateless." That doesn't stop him from falling in love with his classmate Moemi, but is she in love with someone else?

At a mysterious video shop, Yota rents a tape starring the cute, young idol Ai Amano. When he plays the video on his broken VCR, Ai promises to cheer Yota up - then she emerges from the television and declares she will improve Yota's love life!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Video girl AI
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Science Fiction , Romance , Ecchi
Product Code VIZ-VGAT0001
Customer reviews
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"Video Girl 1" by Kim Poppe (Nederland) on Oct 1, 2006

I bought volume 1 and 2! It's great!
I think i'm gonna buy volume 3 to.

"zeker de moeite waard" by djf (Nederland) on May 13, 2006

Om deze manga kun je zeker lachen, hoewel het er misschien een beetje seriues uitziet zijn de gebeurtenissen erg leuk en steeds weer gebeurt er iets nieuws

"THE manga romance" by Eldon (Finland) on Feb 2, 2006

Not much to add to the short description, really; Video Girl Ai is easily amongst the most memorable, touching, painful, and (thus) most notable romance series of all time! Essentially, it's all just a love triangle - the hopeless protagonist falling in love with two girls; one real, the other not - but the way the author plays with these characters is simply brilliant! Maison Ikkoku? Love Hina? Ai Yori Aoshi? Phbbttt... Video Girl Ai beats such (admittedly great) series hands down! Read just one GN, and you're guaranteed to either be hooked until the very end, or admit you're not into romance anime/manga at all.