Final fantasy ≫ Final fantasy Trading figures FFVIII Rinoa Heartilly

Final fantasy Trading figures FFVIII Rinoa Heartilly

Final fantasy Trading figures FFVIII Rinoa Heartilly

Final fantasy Trading figures FFVIII Rinoa Heartilly

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Imported from Japan! For the first time ever, Square-Enix brings you the most popular characters from all the Final Fantasy games together in one toy series! These deluxe, 4"tall figures are small in stature, but gigantic in detail! Choose from: Sephiroth (from FFVII), Cloud Strife (from FFVII), Yuna (from FFX), and Rinoa Heartilly (from FFVIII). Each mini-figure is available individually on collectible blister card packaging.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department toys and models / Small trading figures
Publisher Square-Enix
Series Final fantasy
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Fantasy , Adventure
Product Code PRE-2004074076
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Customer reviews
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"small but nice" by Daily (Nederland) on Aug 7, 2008

Rinoa looks very good, and although her face is a little different then what we're used to from the game it's still a great collectible item, a must have for final fantasy fans.
the statue is very small, but it still looks very good.

"cute" by jaleesa vaessen (Nederland) on Jul 30, 2008

the collection isn't complete without her. the details aren't bad but her face looks a bit weird.

"a nice small figure" by Takashi ... (Nederland) on Jul 21, 2008

i bought it with achonia points, and its a good figure.

"Nice" by Kenitay Cordromp (Nederland) on Apr 26, 2008

Even thought it's only about 3 bucks worth, it's still kind of cool to have Rinoa. A character that's from my favorite Final Fantasy series.

"Final Fantasy Trade Arts - Rinoa" by Tails Prower 2040! (UK) on Feb 12, 2008

The item is a considerably smaller scale version of Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII but goes well with the other Final Fantasy characters in this series that have been made so far.

Detail of the sculpture is impressive for its size but it does have a few faults, the colour of Rinoa's robe being a lighter shade of blue than it should be in places and the inclusion of her weapon would have been nice.

Overall very nice for collectors of this scale of figure.

"very nice" by evilpresident (België) on Oct 1, 2007

leuk beeldje, goede kwaliteit en is redelijk gedetailleerd. en het kost maar een paar euro

"Nice figure for a nice price" by Hiyako (Nederland) on Sep 8, 2007

Altough it's not very detailed, I think it's a nice figure for your FF/figure collection ^^. You can even get this one for free with your Archonia Points~

"beautiful" by Katriina Rinne (Finland) on Aug 27, 2007

It looks nice, and although it isn't as detailed as some other ff-figure series it is good considering it's price. A great add to your collection!

"FFVIII Rinoa Heartilly trading figure" by Veli Vidgren (Finland) on Jun 14, 2007

This figure portrays kind-hearted Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII. Four inches tall, she's not very impressive, but the detailing makes this a nice display item. Recommended for the fans of the PS1 game and FF in general.

"cool" by melissa niemeijer (Nederland) on Mar 13, 2007

een heel mooi beeldje deze en die van yuna vind ik de mooiste!!!

"Kawaii!!!" by Mariette Hoop (Nederland) on Mar 11, 2007

Überkawaii beeldje van Rinoa uit de serie Final Fantasy VIII. Het beeldje mag dan wel aardig klein zijn, het is zeer goed gedetailleerd en staat goed bij elke Final Fantasy collectie

"Schöne Rinoa" by Dollchan (Deutschland) on Dec 10, 2006

Schöne Figur, im Set kommt sie toll zur Geltung.

"Not so bad, but not exactly great" by Remco van Wingerden (Nederland) on Aug 25, 2006

Hi everyone, this trading figure is not really bad, but mine looks like she's possessed by something pure evil (I think some of them look a bit better, mine must've been messed up by something). That's a shame, because Rinoa has such a nice and friendly face in the game.

"für Fans wunderbar ^^" by LadyDashu (Deutschland) on Aug 5, 2005

Die Figur ist ganz schön und auch für jeden Fan aber auch für nicht Fans zu empfehlen! Das Gesicht hätte aber ein bisschen besser verarbeitet werden können. Sonst alles wunderbar.

"Good Figure" by DarkDreamer (België) on Jul 25, 2005

This is a good figure, worth it's price. it's something u gotta have if ur a final fantasy fan :). i'm glad i bought it!