Zatch Bell! ≫ Zatch bell vol 01 GN

Zatch bell vol 01 GN

Zatch bell vol 01 GN

Zatch bell vol 01 GN

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Kiyomaro Takaminé is a brilliant junior high student whose inflated ego (and tendency to blow the grading curve) has made him a major target for teasing at school. So his father sends him a bizarre birthday present - a strange little boy named Gash - to help him make friends and reform his bad attitude. Gash brings with him a mysterious red volume of spells, and Kiyomaro discovers that Gash has magic powers that are unleashed by reading from the book! But there are more surprises to come, and Kiyomaro's destiny is about to change forever!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Zatch Bell!
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Comedy , Adventure , Action
Product Code PRE-2004073327
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Customer reviews
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"Great, just Great" by willem van rijn (Nederland) on Sep 21, 2008

Great is the only word I have for this serie, it's really awesome, so good, that you have to keep on reading once you started.

So If you want real entertainment, you should definetly read this manga.

"GASHU!!" by Xadyu (Nederland) on Feb 18, 2008

At first I was disappointed in the art, but I wasn't familiar with the artist, so I kept on reading. A choice that changed my life.

Konjiki no Gash!! (Zatch Bell!!) is one of those better anime and manga series people don't know about. At first, the humors excellent, you can actually REALLY laugh you're ass off. At first you got Gash, his facial expressions are funny almost all the time, then you get the fights between him and his partner, Kiyomaro. It's great.

Don't forget the fight's cause those are the highlights of the volume. At first the fights kinda weak, but it's a introduction (1st) volume.

4 stars from me.