High school girls ≫ High school girls vol 01 GN

High school girls vol 01 GN

High school girls vol 01 GN

High school girls vol 01 GN

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A hilariously hip account of life at an all-girl private high school. As the student body comes of age we witness their search for love, sexual controversy, and the rivalry between cliques. Based on the authors own real life experiences this is one manga you don't want to miss. If you enjoyed the drama in Heathers and Clueless you'll love High School Girls!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher DR Master
Series High school girls
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Ecchi , Slice of life
DC Previews 2007 OCT
Product Code DCSTK353815
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"You will laugh out loud - for sure!" by Jos├ę Pedro Sequeira (Portugal) on Dec 21, 2008

High School Girls is probably one of the most hilarious manga series you will ever find. It is impossible not to laugh out loud at least a dozen times while you are reading it. Weather you are a boy or girl, you'll love it!

Although there are crazy moments, the comedy is mostly based in everyday common things, which makes it even funnier. It's some sort of Jerry Seinfeld of the manga world. Just replace Jerry group for a "moron group" of high school girls. Eriko is the Jerry version and Kouda is George Costanza.

Eriko and company are in an all-girls school. At first Eriko thinks all-girl schools are neat a orderly, but reality is sometimes deceiving. Will she be able to change the situation, or will she also be contaminated by the "all-school girls virus"? And this is not a manga about love between girls!

This is really a must. I have read more than 100 mangas, and this one is surely and easily in my top 5.

Dr Master did a good job with the English adaptation. well, they inverted the names and rarely used honorifics and there are a few typos, but the job was mostly well done (nothing like some other companies who kill the mangas with censoring, mirroring and bad translations).

However, 4 out of the 9 volumes I received from Archonia are the first edition. The covers are different, and unfortunately there are a little more mistakes and in a few cases the text is printed outside of the balloons. And those 1st editions do not have the color pages in the beginning ... Why???

No, I mean Archonia is great: they are reliable, have the largest available catalog of products, they deliver the goods quickly and in perfect condition, and their prices are not too expensive (that is, if you buy a lot in order to dissolve the transportation fee costs). But I wish they had send me all the 2nd edition books . Well, you can tell which ones are the 1st editions, if you look closely to the images while you are making your order... and maybe Dr Master didn't even made a second edition for all the volumes yet, and here I am stupidly complaining (although I am pretty sure vol 4 have a 2nd edition)... But in the end, the cover you see is the cover you'll get so there are no surprises. (Sorry for the off topic.)

Anyway, be sure to buy this manga, as soon as you can! For your own good. Unless you hate laughing.

"High school girls" by Risella Kissami (Nederland) on Apr 21, 2008

A great manga. It starts off with Erika, Ayano and Yuma entering high school and meeting up with some girls and Kouda, the most insane character you'll ever see.
After reading this one I immidiately bought the next one. Not only because I wanted to see more of my personal favorite character Kouda but also because I wanted to see where the story was going.

Although this is meant as a realistic manga I've got to admit that I wasnt that naive when I entered high school when it came down to boys, kisses and other stuff....won't spoil too much!

This volume doesn't give a great insight to what the characters really are about but it's a nessesary volume to get a feel for the characters....

next volumes get much better! although I have to warn you, next to Eriko, Ayano, Yuma and Kouda a lot of characters stay on the background until volume 5. After that you suddenly get to FINALLY know the other students...