Yu-Gi-Oh! ≫ Yu-gi-oh vol 06 GN

Yu-gi-oh vol 06 GN

Yu-gi-oh vol 06 GN

Yu-gi-oh vol 06 GN

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They say the King of Games never loses...but can even Yugi beat these tough new opponents and weird games? "Monster fight" takes dueling action figures to a new level when Yugi puts his soul into the figures! A sinister classmate challenges Yugi to a magical game of "Dragon Cards!" Jonouchi faces an old enemy who's turned yo-yos into a deadly weapon! But Yugi may have finally met his match when he meets his new classmate Bakura, a game master with a secret who invites him to join a role-playing game campaign...

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Adventure , Action
DC Previews 2013 SEP
Product Code PRE-2004062931
Customer reviews
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"leuk en interessant" by yugioh fan7 (Nederland) on Oct 4, 2012

het is echt heel leuk
ook het stuk waarin bakura komt is echt bloedstollend

"geweldige manga" by charlotte bekovic (Belgi├ź) on Jul 22, 2005

ik vind et echt een geweldige manga,het is ook zeer grappig dat anzu wilt dat yami der red,is echt geweldig,ik vind het goede manga,dit is mijn eerste manga van yu-gi-oh! en ik vond hem al meteen.