Trigun ≫ Trigun Maximum vol 01 TP

Trigun Maximum vol 01 TP

Trigun Maximum vol 01 TP

Trigun Maximum vol 01 TP

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The hottest manga on the market enters brand new storytelling territory!As an anime series, Trigun gained a multitude of fans across the otaku landscape, before gaining a burgeoning mainstream manga audience. Now, Trigun Maximum goes beyond the story available in the anime and the first two top selling manga volumes.
Our hero Vash the Stampede disappeared for two years after blasting a crater onto the moon above the desert planet he saved from annihilation. But with good people and bad alike trying to track him down, he won¿t stay lost for long! Count on more crazy gunslinger action, new dastardly villains...and a new outfit, to boot!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Dark horse
Series Trigun
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Adventure , Western
DC Previews 2010 SEP
Product Code DCSTK432402
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"The gunslinger returns" by Levi Blokdijk (Nederland) on Apr 5, 2008

After finishing Trigun I got trigun maximum. I think everyone should read this classic. It's probally the best manga in it's kind.

The action is great. And the same goes for the story. The funny style of drawing is hard to figure out sometimes but it really is great. Especially the big shots of cities really look good.

Another thing I love about the trigun series is the humor combined with serious. There's a bit of everything in there for everyone. A must read.

Five stars, ofcourse, hehe.

"The gunslinger lives on" by KaitoKid (Nederland) on Mar 18, 2006

In 'Trigun' we saw Vash shooting his way trough many obstacles (without killing anyone) but he was faced by his brother Knives.

Now, several years later, we 'turn to the Maximum' and see what's become of Vash. His battles are not over just yet. The biggest is yet to come, and the lives of every person on the desert planet is at stake!