Negima ≫ Negima vol 02 GN

Negima vol 02 GN

Negima vol 02 GN

Negima vol 02 GN

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For ten-year-old teacher Negi Springfield and his all-girl class, it's time for final exams! If his students manage not to end up with the lowest scores in school, the principal has promised to make Negi an official teacher. To prepare for the tests, the class takes a trip to the school's Library Island. But this is no quiet place to study...stone golems, traps, and secret passageways are the norm throughout the enormous library building. With all of these distractions, can Negi's class hope to climb out of the cellar - both academically and literally?

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Del Rey
Series Negima
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Harem , Action , Magical girl , Ecchi
Product Code PRE-2004062401
Customer reviews
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"best goed" by -- (Nederland) on Oct 22, 2007

negima is een goede serie. het verhaal is goed verzonnen en heet veel text. gebeurd best wel veel en er zit ook best wel wat komie tussen. een goed aanrader voor een manga gek

"A bad start with a perfect plot" by yezebel v. Oorschot (Netherlands) on Jun 8, 2005

Negi Springfield finally got some hold on his class, or so he thinks, only to find out final exams are comming up. And 2-A is the worst class in grades. Ad the rumours that the class finishing last will be splitted, the worst students be put back and Negi fired. Hell brakes loose, Now it's up to the Baka-rangers to save the day, By finding a magic book. Asuna drags Negi along, because of his magic. Poorly he's not in able to use any. Locked in a underground room, with only 3 days left what are they going to do?