Transformers ≫ Super Link Transformer SC-11 Red Alert

Super Link Transformer SC-11 Red Alert

Super Link Transformer SC-11 Red Alert

Super Link Transformer SC-11 Red Alert

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The Super Link version of Red Alert is a sleek Police sports car.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Adventure , Science Fiction
Product Code TAK-TRFZ6031
Customer reviews
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"Great price in the bargen section I love this bot and his car mode!" by John Collins (Germany) on Oct 29, 2008

A really good sized police car. Can be used to "super -link" with other figures in the same line like 'Inferno' and 'Rodimus prime' to form a bigger bot.
Red Alert has Looks really cool in robot mode and has great play value.

"Decent bot, great vehicle, AWESOME SUPERLINK" by Breego7 (Sweden) on Jun 11, 2007

Red Alert is decent on his own, the articulation is kinda meh in robot mode and it's realy bricklike thanks to the superlink gimmick.

If you need a toy to add to your deluxe sized cybertrons reinforcements, pick this one up. Both the leg and upper body modes look great and has realy great poseability. The legs can move in nearly any direction and has several points of movement!

Recomended to go with any other SL deluxe cybertron or as I've found out, the hasbro Towline toy, looks great!

"One hack of an car" by master unicron (Nederland) on Dec 29, 2005

Een lid van Team rodimus, Sterk en snel!!
Zijn Alt mode is een Race wagen wat erg goed bij prowl past.
De Alt-mode is redelijk Gedaileerd !! aan de zijkanten staat in het zilver : Police

De Robot mode is helaas wat minder, Dit komt vooal door zijn hoofd.
als je zijn hoofd neer zet zoals het hoort zie je het hoofd maar half.
Maar zn arculatie maakt veel goed!!
Je kunt prowl in vele posses zetten..

Als jij hem nog niet hebt is hij zeker aan te raden!