Series not available ≫ Ludwig II tome 01

Ludwig II tome 01

Ludwig II tome 01

Ludwig II tome 01

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"Je veux rester une énigme éternelle pour moi et pour les autres."

Le jeune homme au visage d'ange, auteur de ces mots, voua son entière existence à la beauté et à l'univers des contes de fées : c'était Ludwig II, roi de Bavière.Ainsi débute, fruit de longues recherches, une oeuvr marquante, relatant la vie du légendaire Ludwig II de Bavière.

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Marvel Panini France
Series Series not available
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Primary language French
Product Code GCO-LUDT0001
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"Sumptuous baroque fun. " by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Jun 13, 2004

Ludwig II is a partly fictionalised account of the exploits of king Ludwig the Second of Bavaria. He's an eccentric and capricious king, who prefers to play around with all the luxury at his disposal rather than seriously govern his country. And he prefers the company of men. Enter a cute little blond stable-boy called Hornig who immediately catches the king's eye. But can there even be such a thing as 'happy together' for them, when the king is constantly on the brink of going bonkers, and war seems to loom on the horizon in these troubled times?

There's a fair bit of drama in this manga so far. Thankfully, Ludwig II doesn't turn to whiny melodrama like so many yaoi manga do. Ludwig does have some issues with his sexuality (he attempts to marry for appearances in one chapter, but find the concept altogether too repulsive in the end), but they're not the only focus of the story. Most of the time, he gleefully revels in his decadence. The many moments where he struggles with his inner demons actually work, since we're given a sense of what makes this character tick. A charismatic protagonist sure helps to keep a story interesting. And when it comes to charisma, I'd take Ludwig over the scores of vapid, closeted rock stars or squeaky androgynes that lurk in every second yaoi manga any day.

The manga will probably end in tragedy in its third and final volume. But the ride there is a thrilling one so far, and I can't wait to read more. An engrossing protagonist, secondary characters who also get to shine and You Higuri's gorgeous, elegant art should win over any yaoi enthusiast. Generation Comics' translation job is a good one, and the French edition is altogether very eye-pleasing. The beauty of Higuri's art and the intricacy of the greyscale tones come out very well. Ludwig II is slightly more expensive than the average manga on the French market, but it's well worth it (and hey, it's all about decadence in the first place). This is one (probably) doomed romance that'll keep you turning pages all the way.