Transformers ≫ Transformers re-issue 15 Stepper

Transformers re-issue 15 Stepper

Transformers re-issue 15 Stepper

Transformers re-issue 15 Stepper

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Number 15 in the popular DreamWave boxed Transformer re-issue line is the Autobot Stepper. One of the rarer target Masters, this one was quite hard to find, but now it's available to everyone at a very good price.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ0025
Customer reviews
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"Re-issue Stepper" by AnimatedTFFAN (Netherlands) on Jan 18, 2010

Dit is een G1 transformer, Echt voor de Verzamelaars!, Ik heb hem al een tijdje en hij bevalt goed, De takara reissues Komen met mooi gechroomde wapens en dit is nattuurlijk altijd goed. Ook is de Quality controle bij Taka top. Ik heb geen last van los flapperende onderdelen. Wat deze reissue zo bijzonder maakt, is onderandere ook dat het in een mooie ''Boekvormige doos zit''. Wat ook fijn is is dat je na het openmaken je de transformer gewoon weer netjes kan displayen in de doos. Verder zitten er nog wat tab-bladen bij wat bij elk Book-Reissue zit, Kortom een Top figuur!.

"tof" by evilpresident (Belgium) on Jun 23, 2009

Zeer cool figuur deze reissue stepper. hij is een repaint van Jazz, welke een zeer coole mold is. zijn articulatie is wat minder maar wie geeft daar om als je zo'n cool figuur hebt?

"This is really a classic figure-once hard to get and buy this is a really a G1 classic!. " by John Collins (Germany) on Oct 29, 2008

This is one figure I really like from the takara Re-issue
series. Stepper was originally relised only in the 80's in japan and was very hard to come by. The same mold of Generation 1 jazz was used. It comes with a "Targetmaster" figure which you can mount in car mode-'cool'-, new colors, rocket launcher and rifel from the original jazz.
Own this classic now its Really worth the price!

"Affordable Stepper....." by sel (Netherlands) on Jul 13, 2006

And here it is....A affordable Stepper. A Dreamwave version comes with Target Master. Never launched before in USA and Europe. So take your chance to own it.....

I sure got it my self...ehehehehehe.

"Stepper, maar dan betaalbaar!" by Shrapnel Clone (Nederland) on Dec 2, 2004

De originele versie verkoopt voor meer dan 300 dollar, dan is deze prijs toch stukken redelijker! Eindelijk een reissue van Stepper, de schitterende recolour van Jazz. Deze versie komt ook nog eens met een Targetmaster figuur, wat altijd een leuk extraatje is. Mijn versie heeft wel iets losse armen, maar dat neem ik voor deze prijs wel voor lief. Aanrader!

"Absolutly killer!!!" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Nov 9, 2004

This one is absolutly beautiful!!! The black color, the flames on the hood, the Targetmaster.....just great!!!

I really love this special release, since I heard it was a hard-to-get-piece!
Now.... for those who missed out the first time (like me): GRAB THIS ONE!!!!

Absolutly fantastic!

"Great!" by twistedpaul (Netherlands) on Oct 7, 2004

Stepper originally came out in 1987 in Japan as a non-show targetmaster with Nightstick as his partner.
Simultaneously released in Japan and the US (as Ricochet- a much coller name methinks), this baby goes beyond just the normal re-issues. It comes with al the extra weapons for Jazz, as well as further improvements to the mold. The only gripe a have with Stepper is that his back tends to bend back a bit too much... but it's not disastrous by any means.

I've always loved the Jazz mold... he just looks more 'complete' to me than any other autobot car. I love the iconic head/face sculpt, with the visor and the horns, the design is just incredibly intricate and it's great that it is restored. The colours on this repaint/retool work very well, although the stickers leave a bit to be desired. I recommend applying as few of them as possible (although your take on this may differ, of course).

"my favorite g1 mold" by g2jazz (Nederland) on Sep 22, 2004

make one thing sure.. i love the jazz/prowl/bluestreak/stepper mold....

stepper... the reissue of the japan only g1 targetmaster.....

the same sleek design and form as jazz and counterparts from g1.. only diffrence is the targetmaster plug on his spoiler....
also his roof is remolded to give him a better form... but my mold (and i heard about this from more people) has the roof on 1 side higher then the other.... tobad of this detail.... :(

just as easy as in the g1 :) nothing complain about it....

you get the feel of g1 totaly back..... the black color is a great color... and with his white/gold face and details it makes him looks special.... full fun with the robot mold (g1 fun like) only his legs feel a bit lose.. but i can be mistaking by my feel.. and for the matter that i have the special silverstreak, who isn't that lose like stepepr

he has his normal guns and targetmaster... even his shouldergun from gis jazz mold is there.... only the bad part is that his targetmaster is a bit heavy for his hands.....

total stars: 4