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A dictionary of Intermediate Japanese grammar

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A dictionary of Intermediate Japanese grammar

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The structure of "A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar" is the same that you could see in the "A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar". Also here it's very simple to look up some new grammar expression that you don't know. Here as well all the entries are sort alphabetically - you can find them easy through the index at the end of the book - again both in English and in Japanese. But entries in this book cover less grammar expressions like the ones we could find before, and with that I mean basic grammar. Here you can find more phrases, like special words with explanations about their meaning and the way of using them.

Like the first book, this one also contains 5 parts:<UL><LI>A. Grammatical Terms<LI>B. Special Topics in Intermediate Japanese Grammar<LI>C. Main Entries<LI>D. Appendixes<LI>E. Indexes</UL>The most important part of the book is the part called "Main Entries". There you can find:<UL><LI>- a small description of the term and related expressions;<LI>- a key sentence - this time written in kanji but without romaji under it, however there's always furigana (reading) attached to the kanji. Here also each sentence is translated to English. The place of the term in the sentence, as well as other important information is always marked;<LI>- formation - shows the use of the term with different kinds of words, like how do we use it with nouns and how with adjectives;<LI>- examples - examples sentences provided for each entry. They are again in kanji with furigana and English translation, so they make the new term easy to understand;<LI>- notes - information how to use the term;<LI>- related expressions - expressions which are semantically close to the entry are compared and their differences are explained.</UL>Authors: Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui
Publisher: The Japan Times

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