Naruto ≫ Naruto vol 04 GN

Naruto vol 04 GN

Naruto vol 04 GN

Naruto vol 04 GN

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There comes a time in every ninja's training when he must put aside his morals and face the truth: ninjas are tools for killing. For Naruto, seeing Sasuke dead, that time is now. Rage awakens the nine-tailed fox spirit within Naruto, giving him the strength to overcome Haku - but can he bring himself to finish the job? As the battle for the Land of Waves comes to a tragic ending, our heroes return to the village of Konohagakure in time for the chûnin (journeyman ninja) exams. But junior ninjas from around the world have gathered to take the exam, bringing their own strange ninjutsu and mysterious goals...

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Naruto
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Comedy , Adventure , Action
DC Previews 2013 SEP
Product Code DCSTK632058
Customer reviews
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"Epic battle" by MangaEater (Netherlands) on Dec 18, 2011

I love this volume especially, because it has an epic battle between Naruto and Haku. In the end it is too bad that both, Haku and Zabuza die, but I heard that they will get back in Shippuuden. I think this is one of the best, from the Naruto series that I have read so far!

"naruto daisuki" by NaMiNé (Nederland) on Dec 20, 2006

I love naruto!!!it's the best!!!

"very good" by darkwarrior (Netherlands) on Dec 10, 2006

This is one of my favourite Naruto Mangas, That's because it's got a very sad but still beautiful story in it.
and Zabuza and Haku are my favourite characters, too :)

"Goed" by Elfeater (Nederland) on Nov 9, 2006

Sasuke is doodgegaan, en de Kyuubi ontwaakt in Naruto. Naruto vermoordt Haku bijna, maar stopt dan. Zabuza is er achter gekomen hoe de Sharingan werkt, en Kakashi doet zijn uiterste best Zabuza te vermoorden. Kakashi gebruikt zijn enige niet gekopiëerde jutsu en wil Zabuza vermoorden, maar Haku komt snel voor hem staan om Zabuza te beschermen. Uiteindelijk sterft Zabuza, en zijn opdrachtgever ook.
Terug in de village, krijgt Team 7 de keuze om de Chuunin examens te nemen.

"Roaring Kyuubi!" by Rage (Nederland) on Aug 8, 2006

In his arms Sasuke died, so Naruto tought. Losing his rival and friend his anger builds up as cakra from the fearsome Kyuubi leaks out of him giving him sharp nails tough fangs and some mean looking eyes. With this he goes wild on Haku beating him out of that annoying Kekkei Genkai. But Naruto learns something shocking. Zabuza and Kakashi are still hitting it off in the thick mist, does Sharingan no Kakashi have a tecnique that isnt copied?!

Find out now!

"Cool" by Mazojedi (Finland) on May 25, 2006

This series just keep going better and better

"Naruto" by Chris (België) on Dec 22, 2004

ok then, Chapter 4...when i read the previous three i could'nt get any better.
well,proves me wrong...
follow this story trough the epic battle of Naruto and Haku...and follow the plot right until the chuunin exams
two thumbs up!

"Naruto's the best!!" by Joona (Finland) on Oct 27, 2004

This manga as all the other Naruto mangas are really great this has emotion, action and funny jokes in it!
Everything you wish!