Tenchi Muyo (No need for Tenchi) ≫ All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 02 Doom time GN

All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 02 Doom time GN

All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 02 Doom time GN

All new Tenchi Muyo! vol 02 Doom time GN

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It seems like only yesterday when a young Tenchi Masaki inadvertently freed a feisty space pirate named Ryoko from her earthly imprisonment. In short order, the teenage boy was beset by a riot of cute but quarrelsome gals from outer space.

Now, living under the same roof, Tenchi and his pals spend their time flirting, bickering and squashing evil villains.

This time, the fun begins when Washu invents a device to alter time and Mihoshi finds herself in the middle of a bank robbery. Naturally, things go awry quickly.

Even little Sasami finds herself in trouble when cute (and hungry) robots invade her school. Later, when everything seems to be getting back to normal, her doting and overly protective father starts threatening to kill her classmates.

And finally, the whole gang must unite to battle an evil replicant of Washu, the greatest genius in the entire universe. If they're not careful, this could be the end of The All-New Tenchi Muyo!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Tenchi Muyo (No need for Tenchi)
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Adventure , Romance , Harem
Product Code VIZ-NNTT1002
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"All new Tenchi Muyo! vol. 02" by Veli Vidgren (Finland) on Jul 11, 2007

Hitoshi Okuda's trademark comedy stories continue in second volume with brilliant artworks as usual. The humour may not fit for everyone, but in this volume a new antagonist is introduced with a story arc concentrating on her. This is Okuda's strength, in my opinion, when he creates interesting characters.
Definitely recommended for fans of Tenchi Muyo!

"We moeten er weer in komen..." by Kim Houtzager (Nederland) on Nov 6, 2006

Op hol geslagen herstelrobots die van knuffelkonijntjes in moordmachines veranderen. Erg uniek, dat zeker! Maar het nog leukere verhaal komt er na: Sasami mag naar een echte school, en vaderlief wil er zeker van zijn dat zijn dochter met respect behandelt wordt! De meeste ouders zetten je voor schut door de kinderen aan te spreken... deze vader staat op het punt om een kind te vernietigen!!
Het eindverhaal, een nieuwe sage, komt echter zeer moeilijk op gang. Ik denk dat we er weer in moeten komen....