Naruto ≫ Naruto vol 02 GN

Naruto vol 02 GN

Naruto vol 02 GN

Naruto vol 02 GN

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Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have passed the final test to become junior ninja, and now they want a tougher assignment than daycare. But their new role as bodyguards for the cranky bridge-builder Tazuna, who has super-powerful enemies that include the most lethal of the Mist Ninjas, may be more than they bargained for.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Naruto
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Comedy , Adventure , Action
DC Previews 2012 NOV
Product Code DCSTK527976
Customer reviews
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"Perfect" by Kim (Netherlands) on Jul 17, 2011

This is great!
If you've never read a manga Naruto is perfect!
Naruto is one of my fave's ;D

"first real fight" by vernaillen sam (Belgium) on Apr 9, 2009

after getting introduced to the main characters in the first volume we get to see some fighting in this volume. its pretty cool to see kakashi's moves for the first time and its nice to see that naruto sakura and sasuke seem to get along better to :p

"Woohoo!" by Reiska (Finland) on Aug 7, 2008

Naruto is now a real ninja and they go on their first serious mission which means lots of well-done action!

"as good as the first one" by ElenoreLoretje (België) on Apr 4, 2008

If you read the first one , you're bound to read this one. If you haven't well the three of them are know real ninjas so the storie can finally lift off and you should be sure to catch this launch ;-)

"Naruto Volume 2 het verhaal begint nu pas echt goed :)" by Frankmans (Nederland) on Nov 14, 2006

Nou begint het verhaal ook nog beter te worden dan bij deel, want nu zijn ze namelijk al ninja en moeten ze missies uitvoeren en dat soort dingen..

De tekeningen zijn net als in deel 1 van een mooi niveau..

In dit deel maak je ook voor het eerst kennis met ninja van andere plaatsen..

Het is dus zeer zeker een aanrader

"Goed" by Elfeater (Nederland) on Nov 9, 2006

Ik heb genoten van dit deel.. Team 7 passeren de eerste test, en zijn nu echt Genin. Ze krijgen een missie om een man te beschermen van rovers en ander tuig. Maar dan krijgen ze te maken met een echte Jounin ninja. Je ziet voor het eerst de Sharingan van Kakashi, en een mooi gevecht tussen Kakashi en Zabuza. Aanradertje!

"Naruto" by Kanna (Nederland) on Aug 29, 2006

This is a very good story!
Really nice.....

"Lovely" by Eline van Os (Netherlands) on Aug 5, 2006

The sob-story was in the first volume,
and now the real action starts! You just want to keep reading on and on. But sadly; every volume has its end. =P

"Very good" by Mazojedi (Finland) on Feb 19, 2006

Nice ninja action and good comedy...

"Cool Manga" by Uzimaki (Netherlands) on Aug 19, 2005

This manga is just great! Naruto had finally become a real ninja and this makes him even more motivated to become a hokage, on his first real mission he must protect the bridge builder tazuna, and then many things happen.....

"fight fight fight" by Shinzou (Belgium) on Jul 13, 2005

yeah baby, the first real fight in this volume :D
alot more action than in the first one :P

Go Naruto, go kick sum Shinobi butts!!!

"the second tome" by Chris (België) on Jan 2, 2005

get ready for another great book from Masashi Kishimoto himself, many great chapters packed in one it!

"Naruto" by Gun$tinger (Netherlands) on Aug 30, 2004

In this second volume Naruto and his team are assigned to escort the famous bridgebuilder Tazuna to his country, so that he complete his bridge. However, Tazuna hasn't been to honest about the danger in his request for an escort, and the ninja soon find themselves attacked by mercenary ninja far above their level.

"Just great!" by Joona (Finland) on Aug 20, 2004

Always when I read Naruto I just don't want it to stop. The battle illustrations are well drawn. I think this manga has great humor (funny drawings) and a great story. There are a few new characters most of them are bad and they all are drawn well with their own specific styles and weapons. only bad thing is that sometimes when they are drawing a great ninjutsu move there is always text on the great drawing and it spoiles the picture.

"great second book in naruto series" by Sponge Unit (Netherlands) on Aug 12, 2004

this second book becomes a bit more serious after the first, which had more jokes and served more as an introduction to all the characters and the village.

in volume 2 a deadly enemy appears and the fight alone takes up about half the book. the fights are very well drawn and the fantastic ninja arts are well portrayed.

as can be said for volume 1, naruto is a straightforward manga title that is well drawn. most of the humour comes from the style of drawing and the story is quite focused on the ancient ninjutsu art. Still it's original enough to warrant a purchase.