Battle angel Alita ≫ Battle angel Alita vol 01 GN

Battle angel Alita vol 01 GN

Battle angel Alita vol 01 GN

Battle angel Alita vol 01 GN

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Yukito Kishiro blurs the lines between human and machine in the sci-fi/action adventure Battle Angel Alita.

Daisuke Ido, a talented cybernetic doctor, finds the head of a cyborg in a junk heap. When he rebuilds her body, Alita's only clue to her past surfaces - her deadly fighting instincts! And now she is determined to find out the truth about who she once was...

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Battle angel Alita
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Science Fiction , Cyberpunk
Product Code VIZ-BALT0001
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Customer reviews
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"One of my fav manga series" by Nemesis (Netherlands) on May 1, 2008

If you liked the OVA, you'll definitely like the manga. It's really exciting, and with so many things happening, I actually already forgot half of it since I borrowed this series from my brother, yeeears ago xD;;
It was the first manga series I'd ever read, and I still have great memories of it ^^
In fact, I have my mind set on buying the whole series myself now, so I can read it all over again and show my friends how cool it is!

"Best seinen manga there is..." by nindo (Netherlands) on Mar 30, 2007

I only knew about the OVA, which wasn't bad but not good either...until I started learning more about the manga, and how awesome the manga is. Then I read the first volume, and I was blown away. The fights are awesome, I love the cyberpunk setting, the art is great, not to mention the story will keep you hooked and makes you want to keep reading it about what's gonna happen next. It also gets better with each volume. So if you haven't tasted some Battle Angel Alita/Gunnm yet, you should, RIGHT NOW!

"droomvrouw" by Gaara (België) on Nov 30, 2006

Als er nu één vrouw is in mangaland waar ik van hou, dan is het alita/gally. De manga is zeer uitgebreid, toont gally's leven en de flashbacks uit het verleden, en dit alles is in een prachtig en sfeervol verhaal gegoten. Eens je eraan begint laat het je niet meer los, en ik kan in 99% van de gevallen garanderen dat je het vervolg, last order, ook zal lezen.
Ook wordt deze manga steeds beter en beter, hij zal je nooit vervelen maar steeds meer in de ban houden. Over het verhaal ga ik niet teveel vertellen, dat moet je echt zelf ontdekken!
De tekenstijl, de verhaallijn, de emotie die het geheel uitstraalt... lees dit!

"One of the best series ever" by Jim (Germany) on Jun 23, 2004

First I just knew the anime. Then I bought the manga and the surprise was big.
First of all: the manga is MUCH larger than the anime. The anime just shows a small part of Alita's/Gally's life, the manga continues the movie and ends far after it.
When you see the first volume you think "Nice & violent", but in fact it is a series with a lot psychology. Conflicts from Alita with herself and her past are shown, her love to Yugo and Ido is shown better and her journey trhough life is a must watch!
From chapter to chapter the series gets beter and better. At the begging it is not more than fighting. Alita fights for her own to find her true self. But at Volume 5 the series starts to be just GREAT!
First she meets a old "friend", then she starts working for the factory and falls in love again... She meets new friends and enemys and the story begins to be really complex. Especially the Zalem Professor "Desty Nova" is a very interesting fact in this story.

Result: A very good manga who is worth every Cent you give for it. It is violent, yes, but the violent is useful for this manga. The drawings are top! Buy it!