Magical canan ≫ Magical Kanan vol 01-04 DVD box set

Magical Kanan vol 01-04 DVD box set

Magical Kanan vol 01-04 DVD box set

Magical Kanan vol 01-04 DVD box set

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Enter the Crimson Magical Warrior Carmine

Natsuki had a hard time looking for the "seed" and just as he was about to call it a day, he felt the presence! He rushes towards the principal's office and finds the Principal poisoned by the seed! Chihaya transforms into Carmine and rescues Mafuyu from the principal. They thought the principal was unconscious, but in reality, he wasn't! Why does the principal have so much power!? Soon they discover the Septem was the reason to it. Now they are in more trouble! Carmine is surrounded by a group of seeded people! Carmine is not the only one in trouble; as she is being grouped by the seeded people, Natsuki's magic powers are being drained by Septem! What will come of the two? How will they get out of this!?

Angel Kiss in Danger

Carmine and Natsuki successfully escaped from the dangers of harm with the help of the Blue Warrior, Cerulean Blue! Carmine gives her thanks to this warrior, but Cerulean Blue treats Carmine very coldly. Who is this Cerulean Blue? Why is she so cold to Carmine? One thing is for sure; Carmine is too powerless to continue on!

Miyuri finally gets with the guy she always adored, Tamura, however, something is not right. Tamura has been poisoned by the seed! Chihaya not knowing about this, she goes to Angel Kiss with the two of them. There more trouble waits! It is up to Natsuki to save them all; we will see how powerful love can really be!

Clash! Carmine vs. Cerulean Blue

Carmine realizes that love is powerful, but still being new to it, she feels uneasy about sex. This time, Bergamot and Septem created a plan to finish off Carmine and Cerulean Blue forever! The plan was to have Ceptam have sex with the seedlings and gain her magical powers to its maximum potentials! Carmine was caught in the trap of Septem, but once again Cerulean Blue comes and rescues Carmine, or so it seems...

From Carmine with Love

Chihaya and her friends go to Rainbow Town to have some fun. Chihaya was going to invite Natsuki to, but got really upset with his perverted attitude and decided not to. Natsuki rushes toward Rainbow Town and searches for Chihaya, however, the he hears Mafuyi screaming from the bathroom! Natsuki rushes to her aid and finds her being violated by a unknown enemy! Natsuki successfully rescues Mafuyi, but she was under the enemies spell! He resuces Mafuyi from the spell as well, but things are too late. The whole park is being attacked by this new enemy! Chihaya transforms into Carmine, but her Eco Shower is powerless! What is going to happen!? This is the final chapter of Magical Kanan!

Magical Kanan is now here without any mosaics! To be honest, I am very surprised that this came out in America. The storyline and the feeling of it is a bit like Card Captor Sakura, but you can easily enjoy this movie! Regardless if the cosplay is a dress up or a fight for evil, seeing a beautiful warrior girl fight is quite sexy!

Product details
Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department video / DVD
Publisher Nutech
Series Magical canan
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code NUT-MKAV0001
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