Series not available ≫ Shusaku replay DVD box set

Shusaku replay DVD box set

Shusaku replay DVD box set

Shusaku replay DVD box set

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Featuring the voices of adult film stars ASIA CARRERA and RAYVENESS.

From ELF, an impact series which changed the history of adult animation. It's now back and is more extreme than ever!! He pretends to be the resident manager KATO, and humiliates the girls in the dormitory. SHUSAKU is a lunatic. He couldn't finish his fiendish plan because ERI TAKABE has insight into his plan. But SHUSAKU's madness is not over. His deep revenge restarts the girl's nightmare! The sequence of the old man's masochism begins. The beautiful girls are puzzled and amazed. Again tonight¿it's a man's showtime!!

The old man comes back completely revitalized. From ELF, the charismatic second edition reigns over all other adult animation.

SHUSAKU is fully revitalized just as he thought he would be. His next target is MOEKO FUJIMA who has beautiful olive skin. SHUSAKU begins by forcing her to sexually perform. At the same time, KAORI is raped by a stranger. Who is this man? Then with SHIHO, ASAMI and finally NAGISA, the frantic festival begins as SHUSAKU expected. The old man's masochism is renewed. Tonight they will play together as the old man's orchestra!!

The intent of the old man is FULL CONQUEST!!

The adult animation from ELF in this 3rd episode makes a new pyramid in the industry! The memory of the old man's masochism is revived tonight. His masochistic rhythm has begun once again!!

The intentions of the old man are completely obvious. The adult animation from ELF provides a new charismatic eros. It finally reaches the last climax!!

KAORI, MOEKO (RAYVENESS) and CHIAKI, the ASAMI, NAGISA, SHIHO and finally AYAKA (ASIA CAR), become SHUSAKU's slaves. From all the girls, ERI begins to sense that something is wrong. Finally SHUSKU's evil hands reach out to the girls from the other dormitory. SHUSAKU's and ERI's last fight begins¿the old man's masochism is endless. It is an ecstasy you have never experienced!!

Product details
Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department video / DVD
Publisher Nutech
Series Series not available
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code NUT-SHUV0002
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