Sailormoon ≫ Sailor Moon S TV vol 06 Signature series DVD

Sailor Moon S TV vol 06 Signature series DVD

Sailor Moon S TV vol 06 Signature series DVD

Sailor Moon S TV vol 06 Signature series DVD

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Sailor Neptune, Uranus and Pluto will do anything they can to prevent the awakening of the Messiah of Silence slumbering within Hotaru. However, the Death Busters kidnap Chibi Moon and use her heart crystal's energy to revive the Messiah! Even though the Sailor Soldiers fight valiantly, Sailor Moon loses the Holy Grail to the Messiah of Silence and the outlook becomes dismal. Where is the legendary Savior when we need her?

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Geneon Entertainment
Series Sailormoon
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2004054384
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"A solid buy, though not quite as good as I expected." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Sep 3, 2004

For all their much-trumpeted excellence, I found the final episodes of Sailor Moon S just a tad disappointing. I was expecting some more solid writing and greater level of consistency in the art quality. The two previous DVDs in the series featured some very solid episodes, where the quality only occasionally dipped to mediocre levels. I was hoping Toei could keep this act up right through to the end of the series. In the end, it's a good enough finale, but not *quite* the breathtaking ending I was led to expect.

The art quality, for one thing, is all over the place. Episode 121, the first on the disc, is one of those clunky Nakamura Pro-designed episodes. It's not as downright ugly as some of the other S episodes they've done (see eps 92 and 107 for a really bad art day), but it still shows that their art is simply incompetent. This is followed up by two decent-looking episodes, after which the art suddenly takes a quantum leap for episode 124. Ikuko Itoh pulls out all the stops for this one episode and it is a gorgeous, finely-drawn and highly detailed feast for the eyes. Uranus and Neptune's battle against Germatoid is a simply unforgettable scene for its sheer beauty and dynamism.

Unfortunately, none of the other episodes can live up to this act, art-wise. Episode 125, which concludes the actual conflict with the Death Busters looks less spectacular. It's perfectly allright on the whole, but didn't the final battle good and proper deserve an equal, or even superior treatment to episode 124? For the last two episodes, we're back to some humdrum Masanori Ando and Nakamura Pro art (which makes Haruka and Michiru look incredibly dorky for their last appearance in episode 126 - they deserved infinitely better than a bad art exit).

Some annoying flaws in the writing also bothered me in the finale. Up to now, we've been lead to believe that people with pure hearts are a rare breed. The Death Busters were carefully selecting their targets, apparently because only one in so many individuals had a pure heart (Minako even wonders if she may lack a pure heart in episode 109). Yet now, they launch mass attacks against large numbers of random targets - and every one of them has a pure heart. If everyone in Tokyo has a pure heart, what was the point in singling out lone targets to begin with? Just launching a mass attack on the whole city would've given you a better chance of finding the talismans and/or gathering heart crystals. Consistency, anyone?

There are some smaller instants of inconsistency as well. We've been lead to believe that the Death Busters had their massive labs somewhere underneath the Tomoe household (see episodes 113 and 118 especially), yet now we're told it's in the Mugen Gakuen building. Yet, even after acknowledging this, the plot sends Chibi-Usa to the Tomoe mansion to seek out Hotaru later on. And how come we see the five inner senshi walking towards Mugen Gakuen in their Sailor form at the end of episode 123, yet they arrive on the scene in their school uniforms and transform at the start of episode 124? I know Sailor Moon is a fluffy fantasy story at heart, but this is just too much to ignore, even with wilful suspension of disbelief. It's sloppy writing, plain and simple.

The sloppy writing also means we rush through three episodes where a new member of the Witches Five is introduced, and then immediately killed off. It could have made for some intense episodes, but the witch in question usually dies because of a dumb and highly improbable mistake on her behalf, which results in her self-destruction. How very convenient for the Sailor Soldiers, eh?

After the bludgeonings come the pinpricks. I couldn't help but notice that the sound effects on the disc menus are way off. We see some nice animations of Sailor Venus transforming, yet we hear the music and sounds from Sailor Mars' transformation, which graced the menus on the 5th DVD. Whoops.

In spite of all my griping, I don't think many people will be seriously displeased with this disc. Seven full episodes for a very low price is good value for money whichever way you look at it. And the often dramatic final S episodes should find a welcome place in any Sailor Moon fan's collection. Sailor Moon affictionados really can't go wrong with any of the cheap Signature Series DVD's. They serve up generous amounts of episodes for little money, and these are some of the biggest fan favourites, to boot. I just regret that the clunky writing (and, to a lesser degree, the schizophrenic art quality) constantly reminds us that it could have been much better with some more effort.

"Wonderful ending to one of Sailor Moon's best seasons" by Midnight Firefly (Netherlands) on Aug 17, 2004

* To those who have never seen the ending to Sailor Moon S, spoilers ahead! *

Ah, the DVD containing the final seven episodes to Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super. And what a DVD it is. Here are seven (hopefully short) reviews, about every single episode.

Episode 121 ("A Mystic Flower That Steals Hearts! The Third Witch, Tellu"):

First off, if you actually pay attention to little details, you will probably notice that Pioneer dubbed Tellu as Telulu. I am not sure if this is correct or not, because the way the seiyuu (Japanese voice actors) pronounce it, it *does* sound like Telulu. But because the most common name is Tellu, I'll stick to that. Well, the first episode of the DVD, with Tellu as the third witch (in the manga, she is fourth, and Viluy is third. For some reason, they are switched), continues where the last episode left off. Mimete is killed off by Tellu, and the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen are startled by the fact that there are fights between the witches.

Personally, I think this is one of the lesser episodes on the DVD. Apart from little arguments between the Outer Senshi and the Sailor Team, a not-so-spectacular-fight, the appearance of the wonderful Hotaru (I am biased, can you tell?) and Sailor Pluto's henshin (transformation) sequence, which I think is the best henshin squence of the Outers, there really isn't much in this episode. Sure, the animation quality is far more better than usual, and there is a new villain for a change, but what else is there? Not a bad episode at all, but it certainly could have been better.

Episode 122 ("Believe in Love! Ami, a Kind-Hearted Soldier"):

This episode introduces once again, a new witch, Viluy, though her name is, according to Pioneer's subtitles, Byruit. It isn't much of a bother, though. Just like the title said, this is another one of Ami's spotlight episodes. Though this is only the second one of Ami's episodes that I have actually seen (the other one is the Sailor Stars episode "Romance and Dreams! Taiki's transformation" or something similar to that), it appears to me that Ami's episodes always have morals. And that the person she is arguing with, is also a very intelligent person. But enough about that. Onto the episode.

Overall, this episode is only slightly better than the first, even though the animation quality isn't as good. Just like in the previous episode, not much happens, except that the people behind the anime realize that they have to speed things up a little, by quickly killing off Tellu and Viluy, just like Takeuchi-sama did in the manga. The entire episode is saved, however, by Haruka and Michiru, whose henshin sequences with awesome violin music and attacks are always a pleasure to watch (and hear). Have you noticed already? I am much more of an Outer Senshi fan than an Inner Senshi/Sailor Team (Moon and Inners) fan. The Outer Senshi are all incredibly cool with wonderful background music and attacks, while the Sailor Team are only sometimes cool with rather cheesy background music (the henshin music... the sound that the Spiral Heart Moon Rod makes at the beginning of Moon's attack...), though their attacks are okay (just how many times can Sailor Moon spin around!? o.O!). The only Inner that is *always* cool, is Rei/Mars. But I am drifting off here!

Episode 123 ("Shadow of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence"):

Now we're talking! Not only is the animation quality absolutely wonderful (highlight is Usagi and Chibi-Usa's little bathroom moment, where their hair really shine gorgeously o.o! Not to mention, they are drawn more prettily), but the fight in this episode is also very good. And of course, there is a new witch in this episode, Cyprine (Cyprin, according to Pioneer). Or should I say two new witches? Ptilol (Pioneer's Petirol), is Cyprine's red twin, though they are considered one witch, hence the Witches Five. Stronger than any of the other witches, this duo turns out to be quite a challenge for the Sailor Team. Using almost all of their attacks (Shabon SPray is dubbed as Bubble Spray), this magical fight is definitely better than the usual daimon-of-the-day fights. Instead of Sailor Moon saving everyone, the Sailor Team saves everyone, using teamwork. And yes, sparks fly all the way to Crystal Tokyo!

Another great scene is the confrontation with Professor Tomoe, Kaolinite (or Kaorinite - the "l" and the "r" really are the same in Japan) and the Messiah of Silence, with an unconcious Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailors Uranus and Neptune look fabulous, thanks to the high quality, and Hotaru's background music (the "la la la" music) really gives you goosebumps in that scene. Especially when Chibi Moon screams in agony. This is why the S series is considered as Sailor Moon's darkest season.

And, the ending scene. The one where they show the five Sailor Senshi, with Mamoru talking. I also think this is a great scene, mainly because of Mamoru's text. It really describes the Sailor Team.

To me, this is one of the best episodes on the DVD.

Episode 124 ("The Horror of the Approaching Shadow! Eight Soldiers in Tough Battle"):

Another fantastic episode. Again, the animation quality is superb, and the music is oddly enough, fitting. One of the highlights is Pluto's tragic death. Why, you may ask? I'm not sure myself. I suppose it is because of Pluto's courageous sacrifice. Ah, this is one underappreciated character...

Another highlight is Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's fight. When it seems that they are losing the battle, they hear Pluto's voice whispering "Talisman", and the Deep Aqua Mirror and the Space Sword appear in front of them. They grab them, and, while standing in an awesome pose, their popular and powerful violin music plays. This scene reminds you why the Outer Senshi are so cool.

Again, a fantastic episode.

Episode 125 ("A Bright Shooting Star! Saturn and the Messiah"):

The prologue alone is very sweet, in my opinion. Usagi's soft and slightly desperate, though still caring voice just shows how much she actually cares. Not to mention, the things she says are rather touching.

Again, the animation quality is very high, though it seems to drop slowly.

One particular scene in the beginning stands out, in my opinion. The one where Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune shout desperately at Sailor Moon. To me, that really shows how devoted they are to the safety of the planet, and how they want to defend it, no matter what. I'm slightly off topic right now, but to me, Uranus and Neptune are the perfect soldiers. They are strong, have powerful items, are beautiful (in order to be a perfect pretty girl soldier, you have to be beautiful, right?), and do not let their emotions get in their way during battle.

Anyway, after that, for a little while, nothing really happens, except for Professor Tomoe, who is no longer possessed, pleading for Hotaru to come back, and Sailor Moon foolishly handing the Holy Grail over to Mistress Nine.

Of course, Pharaoh Ninety is shown the way to Earth, and though Sailor Moon tries to stop him, it's no use. When Pharaoh Ninety blasts Mistress Nine (I have no idea why. Purposely? Accidentally? Who knows), Sailor Moon takes the blast, while Professor Tomoe holds Mistress Nine. I am describing this scene, because of Sailor Moon's brief expression. It's that same sad and blank expression that she has at the end of the episode.

After this, Professor Tomoe calls out to Hotaru, regretting everything he did and remembering the old days. A few cute scenes of a young Hotaru follow.

When Sailor Saturn is revived and she is about to face Pharaoh Ninety, an emotional scene follows, a sad violin music playing in the background. A wonderful example of the power of the original seiyuu. Yes, no one can scream with such emotion or talk so sweet and so soft like Mitsuishi-sama or Minaguchi-sama (Usagi and Hotaru, respectively).

Ending this episode, is the appearance of Super Sailor Moon and the small baby Hotaru in her arms. But this episode is unforgettable because of Sailor Moon's expression, that I mentioned earlier. That unusual expression, with her eyes a deep solid blue, instead of a bright ocean blue. Ah, satisfactory.

Episode 126 ("A New Life! Time for Separation of the Destined Stars"):

The beginning of the episode is actually just repeating the end of the previous episode. Uranus and Neptune take Hotaru away however, and Moon doesn't seem to notice.

The animation quality is, disappointedly enough, not as good as it was the previous three episodes. Nonetheless, it still is above the average Sailor Moon quality.

This episode shows an incredibly cute Hotaru, along with a normally-smiling Professor Tomoe, which really is quite different. Memorable for me is Chibi-Usa meeting Professor Tomoe and Hotaru. You may wonder why? It's because of Professor Tomoe's cute line: "Bye bye!" It's the way he says it. Really sweet. (My sister thought it was funny --;;)

Usagi and the others don't know Hotaru's still alive, however, and they search frantically at the ruins that once formed Mugen Gakuen. Haruka and Michiru are there too, and they challenge Usagi to a fight, telling her that she is not fit to be the future queen. Of course, this insues in a heavy argument between the senshi, but Usagi finally accepts. (Unfortunately, when Haruka and Michiru transform, they don't have their cool violin music. They do have another music, which is still kind of neat.)

Sailor Moon finally 'defeats' them with the Ginzuishou, and Uranus and Neptune acknowledge her as the future Neo-Queen Serenity. I definitely thought this scene was worth mentioning, mainly because of it shows Uranus and Neptune's own way of testing someone (like at the ending of Stars, when they taunted the Starlights) and Moon's cute, but clueless and hopeless behavior ("Who is the real Messiah?"). Another reason is the tension between the Sailor Senshi, which I could practically feel.

A shame, really, that you do not see the Outer Senshi until the Sailor Stars season. Alas...

Episode 127 ("Self-Awareness as a Soldier! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart"):

Oh my! The animation quality has dropped dramatically - remember those first episodes of Sailor Moon, with the Dark Kingdom? Where those eyes were drawn incredibly ugly? That's it. I can't help but wonder who actually draws these...

Ahh, the ending to Sailor Moon S. A fun episode, but nothing more, I'm afraid. I have to admit though, I think Serenity's hiragana and katakana letters are really cute, especially with those little drawings ^_~. It seems that Usagi stays the same, even in the 30th century!

What else is there to say about this episode? It's kind of Chibi-Usa-centered, so Chibi-Usa haters may not like this episode. Especially since she decides to stay with Usagi-tachi. Cute is the ending to this episode, where Chibi Moon reads Serenity's letter aloud. "PS: Bring more presents next time!" And everyone comments on how Serenity really is Usagi. And of course, Sailor Moon just looks clueless ^_^.


Overall, the DVD contains some very powerful and wonderful episodes, which definitely makes up for the slightly weaker episodes. Though, I recommend forwarding when that eyecatch comes, because it's rather annoying when you hear it all the time. Especially when you decide to watch these episodes all at once. Also, watch out for Sailor Moon's attacks, because the sound that the Spiral Heart Moon Rod makes can really irritate you. It drives me up the wall! Along with that eyecatch! n.n;

A little extra on the DVD is a small Sailor Venus profile and some pictures. Also, the main picture menu is Minako during her transformation. So, I definitely recommend buying this! Just like me, you won't be disappointed. Heh, I can't even stop watching it ^_~.

Also recommended, is buying the other Sailor Moon S DVDs. While Sailor Stars is often considered the best season (Yaten/Sailor Star Healer is so cool! *_*), Sailor Moon Super is without a doubt a wonderful runner-up, maybe even the best to some. The darkest and most angsty Sailor Moon series!