Ranma 1/2 ≫ Ranma 1/2 vol 07 GN

Ranma 1/2 vol 07 GN

Ranma 1/2 vol 07 GN

Ranma 1/2 vol 07 GN

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Akane's always wanted to play the role of Juliet on stage, and she's finally going to get her chance... that is, if she could just decide on one Romeo. Hidden springs, cookie contests, and persistent paparazzi - will Ranma's life ever settle down?

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Ranma 1/2
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Ecchi , Martial arts
Product Code VIZ-RANT3007
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"my favorite" by Nikitha (Denmark) on Nov 10, 2007

This has to be one of my favorite Ranma¿ books (if not the one)! the whole Romeo and juliet episode is just to die for! It so funny! Will Ranma and Akane finally share their first kiss (that Ranma know of) or will Akane end up kissing Happosai??!!

one will only know if they read this book;D