Ranma 1/2 ≫ Ranma 1/2 vol 01 GN

Ranma 1/2 vol 01 GN

Ranma 1/2 vol 01 GN

Ranma 1/2 vol 01 GN

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It's the story of a boy, a girl, and a martial artist...and they're all the same person!

Rumiko Takahashi's RANMA 1/2 is universally acknowledged as the masterpiece of the gender-bending kung-fu comedy genre. Due to an unfortunate accident at the cursed Chinese training ground Jusenkyo, when Ranma and his father get splashed with cold water, papa turns into a giant panda and male Ranma becomes a buxom young woman! Hot water reverses the effect - but only until the next time!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Ranma 1/2
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Ecchi , Martial arts
Product Code VIZ-RANT3001
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Customer reviews
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"~" by Mimi (Netherlands) on Aug 1, 2013

Ramna 1/2 is een zeer leuke manga, helaas is het nu wel moeilijk om de manga nog compleet te krijgen. Het is een grappige en zeer vermakelijke manga, er zit niet echt een verhaallijn in maar de korte verhalen zijn leuk en vermakend om te lezen. De tekenstijl is daarbij ook erg goed voor de tijd. Als ik jou was zou ik zo snel mogelijk deze serie compleet proberen te krijgen!

"Vannvittig bra/Love it =)" by ANGRYBeaver (Norway) on Jul 26, 2011

To make it short it was so good, that i got hooked on reading the Ranma Series.
Lotts of good quality humor and also some food for thougt.

"A true classic" by JF (Belgium) on Dec 18, 2007

Started reading Ranma when VIZ comics first started to release them in the US (ages ago) and I've never gotten bored of it. Rumiko Takahashi's drawing style and story telling is just so wonderful. Definitely a series that I'll cherish forever.

"Ranma Volume 1" by Maru-Ten (Netherlands) on Aug 21, 2006

For the first volume of a very long series, Ranma 1/2 gets to you straight away. With the very fluid artwork and portraying of characters it is a true feast for the eyes. The storyline starts out like one of you typical harem manga's but soon enough it is appearant that it has a twist, namely Ranma being a genderbender, which provides some interesting situations and hilarious moments.
There is not much you can tell about the rest of the series but it is evident that it will be a series that about anyone can enjoy.

"Ranma GN 1" by Kanna (Nederland) on May 5, 2006

I have seen the Anime and I am busy right to collect the manga.
It is a lovely serie if you like comedy.

"Funny as hell!!" by Berserk_87 (Netherlands) on Aug 7, 2005

I have seen the anime and red the manga and it kicks ass.
If you like manga and anime you must have seen/read this.

"This is a manga that everyone wants!" by Joona (Finland) on Aug 2, 2004

This manga has funnie jokes and nice battles. This is all the things you want in a manga and so this is something that you réally should read! The characters are funny and they have their own identety. Fights are amusing and nice drawn. This manga has all the time funny situations, so this really is afunny manga. I left the one star, because I still think it needs something to be a perfect manga.