Transformers ≫ Super Link Transformer SC-16 Arcee

Super Link Transformer SC-16 Arcee

Super Link Transformer SC-16 Arcee

Super Link Transformer SC-16 Arcee

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Super Links Transformers is the Japanese edition of Transformers Energon (the series that continues Transformers Armada). The Super Links Transformers re-introduces the linking or merging of 2 or more transformers into one bigger Bot (or Con). They're not yet the awesome Gestaults from Generation 1, but at least we do get some Gestault like abilities.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ6021
Customer reviews
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"a cool fembot!" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Sep 4, 2004

This is the first fembot to appear in Superlink and the toyline. Ariel/Arcee is a cool looking bike and as bot looks kinda female in robot-mode. (And no, that is not only because of the pink paint that is used!). The head of Ariel remembers most to the G1 Arcee (of which no toy was released), which is a cool tribute!

This elegant looking small toy is a nice piece to have in your collection. Plus the price is good!
So, push the "buy"-button and get this fembot while you can. You won't be disapointed!

"Good toy worth the money" by AdieuCowboy (Nederland) on Jul 29, 2004

Superlink ariel is really one of the coolest smaller transformer tanaka has brought out. And one of the few female transformer around. The colors resembles the G1 Arcee but it could have had a better paintjob like the Energon Arcee have. Still it's a good toy and it's def worth your money.

"nice, but could have been better" by firefox (Belgi├ź) on Jul 14, 2004

The bike mode is very realistic and cool.
robot mode would have been better with other design for teh hands and a windshield that could rotate upoward so it does not get in the way of the legs, it would have been nicer if teh head was on a ball joints so she could look up.

Overall still a nice figure like all super link basics


"Arcee" by TearSong (Netherlands) on Jul 11, 2004

Arcee/Ariel is a great release, she very much resembles the G1 Arcee. Nice colors.

"Ariel" by Skoop (Netherlands) on Jul 11, 2004

Arcee (who is actually called Ariel in the SL version) is a very beautiful toy. I must admit that I don't really like the transparent plastic that is used a lot in the SL and Energon figures, and the transparent plastic is used a lot with Ariel. But despite that, the beautiful detail and awesome bot-mode of Ariel make up for that big time. Definately a beautiful toy!