Transformers ≫ Super Link Transformer SD-14 Laser Wave

Super Link Transformer SD-14 Laser Wave

Super Link Transformer SD-14 Laser Wave

Super Link Transformer SD-14 Laser Wave

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Everyone's favorite Decepticon cyclop is back! Autobots beware, Shockwave is back as a triple changer. The shockwave figure looks a lot like the G1 one and features quite some articulation. He can transform into a futuristic tank and a defense sattelite. Highly recommended!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ6019
Customer reviews
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"BEST TOY IN THE LINE!!!!" by Breego7 (Sweden) on Jun 11, 2007

The superlink Laser Wave mold makes me nuts!
It's just so great in every way possible!

Paint apps is better then the hasbro one
great articulation
Great homage to G1 Shockwave
Great gimmick

You simply can't go wrong with this toy, It'll be a superb addition to your Destron/Decepticon ranks

"Super Link Laserwave" by Veli Vidgren (Finland) on May 18, 2007

Laserwave continues the line of G1 tributes, being definitely a fine reincarnation of Shockwave (Laserwave in Japan). In my opinion, this figure's tank mode and satellite mode make more sense than the original's "flying gun" mode. The alt modes look fine, although they don't hide the robot mode too well.

I'm not too fond of left arm's size, either. And the tread parts which are at robot mode's back seem quite fragile. Also some parts seem to loosen up during age and use.

Still, this item is so good looking in general, that you can't afford to miss it if you like Super Link and G1 Shockwave.

"logic will prevail" by mastasini (Belgium) on May 30, 2006

shockwave is back as laserwave
an awesome bot - cool sounds
i always liked shockwave - that cold logic teamed with awesome firepower. and this bot looks even more evil then the G1 version.

I like the 3 modes (altough not that much difference) but i like the idea of a sattelite blasting autobots from afar (why are there not more sattelite transformers?)

one drawback are the two arms, and certainly the gun arm - you have to be rather carefull transforming, i always was afraid it would snap. and for posing the figure it limits the options (that's why only 4 stars instead of 5).

great toy and certainly for fans of the G1 era (he's standing next to my G1 soundwave in my room and they look super)

"Super Link Transformer SD-14 Laser Wave" by Seth (België) on May 1, 2005

Detailed figure with electronic sounds puts you right in the middle of the battle for Earth! When Laser Waves Hyper Power amplifiers extend, electronic sounds let you hear his supercannon power up and fire! Laser Wave features three attack-ready modes for three times the excitement! When he changes from mobile supercannon artillery to military satellite, laser Waves solar panels deploy to give him even more destructive power! From satellite mode, he changes into a fearsome robot ready to do battle with the Autobots!

"Great new version of classic character!" by Glenn Roos (Sweden) on Apr 16, 2005

I have always liked Shockwave from the old G1 cartoon, so when I laid my eyes on this new cycloptic powerhouse, I knew I would finally add a tleast a version of one of my favorite characters to my collection!
When the new, more modern alternate forms, a laser tank and a missile satellite, this guys definitley packing both style and firepower!
This figure is a great new version of a classic die-hard character, and is very much worth the cost!

"big bad mojo" by g2jazz (Nederland) on Feb 18, 2005

Laser Wave.... or Shockwave
either way... they have the same details

1 eye
1 big arm cannon
1 space altmode
being purple

when you have him in your arms you can see that much of this oy is very worth to long trip get it from the SL serie :)

liek the other reviews say his gun is "too" big.... maybe it is... but that is also one of the big things about this toy what make this version of shockwave great.

you have many articulation points so many dangerous poses can me made.

why are you still reading this... BUY it already!

"big gun.. and a fragile spot" by Duckie (Netherlands) on Jan 12, 2005

nice toy..
Like the others said.. BIG GUN....looks ackward.

I only got 1 real problem with the toy...
and that is some of the wheels that u have to "slide"...
On my version they dont really go that easy (not sure its just on mine..or on all)....and i constantly had the feeling i was gonna break them.
I havent though...yet.

Robot Mode: 8 (would have been a 9 if not for that arm...Maybe he will cameo as hellboy in the next movie)
Tank Mode: 6
Satelite Mode: 6

Imho not for the smallest kids....but i bas that on the fact of those wheels that i felt could break easily.

"Killer Instinct" by Cyclone_X (Belgium) on Oct 2, 2004

Tank mode:
Een laserturret tank, mja, kan wel handig zijn om je vijanden aan flarden te schieten, maar heel overtuigend is deze mode niet.

Sateliet mode:
Spreid de beentjes, klap de zonnepanelen open en je hebt een satelietformer, niet zo spectaculair, wel origineel, sinds het (bij mijn weten) nog maar de 2de TF is die in een sateliet transformeert (Minicon Astroscope).
Het ziet er alleen niet verschillend uit van de tank, vooral door de laser, die oh zo opvallend is in elke mode.

Robot mode:
Toch nog een mode om naar huis over te schrijven. Hij bezit de betere articulaties om hem de meest dreigende houdingen te geven. Dat ene oog van hem geeft hem een koele blik, dit past perfect bij zijn karakter van koelbloedige killer. Ook heeft zijn oog de mogelijkheid om 'op te lichten' als er een lichtbron boven hem schijnt (vergelijkbaar met heel wat BM ogen, vooral dan Tankor)
Zijn grootste minpunt is die lange arm, hij kan niet eens mooi recht staan zonder dat je de arm daarvoor diagonaal moet plaatsen.
De kleuren zijn mooi uitgewerkt. Gebaseerd op de G1 versie is hij toch verschillend genoeg, en de ruspbanden zijn, in tegenstelling to (ik moet mijn taalgebruik bijwerken), volledig zilver gekleurd.

Eindconclusie: ook al vallen de alt modes nogal tegen, toch is Laserwave de moeite waard dankzij zijn mooi vormgegeven robotmode.


"possibly the best looking Superlink/Energon figure!" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Sep 4, 2004

Okay, when I saw this baby in robot-mode I just smiled!!!! Laserwave totally rocks!!!! I'm really glad I decided to buy this toy!

It has two vehicle-odes, one is a tank, the other looks more like a battlestation/gun-type of thing. Both modes look great, but the best mode is the robotmode!!! Laserwave looks like the dangerous type of con he is in the cartoon-series!
This is a definite must-have for me!

The arm might be to big, but it suits the toy, in my opinion. It makes Laserwave look more dangerous and evil.

Great toy! A must-have!

"good body, too big canon arm" by firefox (België) on Jul 14, 2004

This could have been the star of superlink, but the designer of the immensely huge arm desided to throw in horrible sounds & light that needs huge batteries to completely mess it up, a shame cause the rest of the figure is fantastic!
So fire the arm designer and the next shockwave/laserwave will rule!

"Just about perfect !" by Pepie (Nederland) on Jun 29, 2004

One of the finest releases with Superlink yet! Over 25 points of articulation and three modes of transformation.. and lets not forget about the beautifull G1 homage!
I agreed his left arms could have some more articulation.. but damn, that cannon is HUGE.
Not that thats a problem.. I mean.. its shockwave!!