Saikano vol 01 GN

Saikano vol 01 GN

Saikano vol 01 GN

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Shuji and Chise are high school seniors in a small town who have just started dating. When the city of Sapporo is attacked from the air, a counterattack by Japan's Self Defense Forces (SDF) saves the city from total destruction. Shuji discovers that Chise has been engineered by the SDF to transform into a powerful weapon when she is summoned on a mission... While Shuji and Chise keep trying to nurture their relationship, Chise continues to grow ever more powerful as the Ultimate Weapon, and becomes increasingly torn between being a destructive fighting force and wanting to remain an ordinary teenager. Shuji is also frustrated about being unable to express his affectionate feelings toward Chise in the way he wishes he could. Feeling helpless and unable to gain control of their lives, the couple decides to run away together and try to build a life elsewhere. However, they miss each other at the place where they had agreed to meet...

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (She, the Ultimate Weapon)
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Drama , Science Fiction , Romance
Product Code PRE-2004043012
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Customer reviews
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"Very interesting" by Ridley (Portugal) on Aug 23, 2009

Saikano is about a guy and a girl who want to fall in love with each other. It would be as simple as that, if it weren't for the fact that the girl was transformed into this sort of ultimate weapon to protect the country in times of war.

I had seen the anime before, so it's not my first time around. Still, it's as good as I remember up to the 3rd volume at least. The characters are pretty convincing, which is something you'd definitely want on a serie as emotionally heavy as this. Artwise, it's also pretty cool, the characters are drawn with an unique art style that is pretty cute. Though sometimes it leaves me with my jaw open when you get two pages with only dialog/ absolutely no background (and some other situations). It's still forgiveable, heh.

Anyways, if you're into Drama/ Romance, you should give this series a try. ^^

"The greatest series EVER !!!" by Jap_an_ime (Belgi├ź) on Oct 3, 2007

I've got all the manga, watched the entire anime and have the live-action movie.

There isn't a lot of action in this series because it focuses on the relationships between character during war. That's what intrigues me the most. The two protagonist of the serie: shuji and chise (there are no last names mentioned to any of the characters) try to find out what it means to love and care about eachother while there is a war going on. The difficult thing about this is that chise was altered by the government into a weapon.

To me this is the best series ever just because it is so intriguing. READ IT, WATCH IT, LOVE IT!!!

"Such a good story" by Day (Nederland) on Mar 1, 2007

All right, where to begin where to begin. I have to admit, I have already read all seven volumes. It was sooo good. I couldn't stop reading from GN 01. My advice; order them all at once.

Anyway, of course, you want to know about the manga. Well, the story is great, even though it may appear a bit girly like (because there's a female as a main character). It isn't girly AT ALL because the problems of both Chise and Shuji are both well discribed and... well... greatly developed.
Also, the art is very beautifull and it reads quite easy. It's a sad story, but there's a well-balanced line of funny jokes in between. Just gogogo and read it yourself! ^__^

"Beautifull" by Goom64 (Belgium) on Jul 12, 2005

A very special manga this is, the art and the story are very dreamy and this series puts you in a special mood when u read it. Beautifully romantic at times, and never over the top that it gets corny. The art is an acquired taste, but I cant help but fall in love with its sketchyness which adds to the atmosphere.
Also has some very cute chibi art in there at times which breaks the tension at times, and Chise is a very cute, be it a bit clumsy, girl. ^_^
Highly recommended and (sadly) only 7 volumes! Short but sweet :)
Viz' release is excellent and I cant find anything that feels wrong about it!