Mermaid saga ≫ Mermaid saga vol 01 GN

Mermaid saga vol 01 GN

Mermaid saga vol 01 GN

Mermaid saga vol 01 GN

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Legend has it that if a human eats a mermaid's flesh, they will be granted eternal life. But is that a blessing or a curse? Immortal lovers Yuta and Mana travel through Japan -and the centuries-longing for a normal life. On their journey, they meet others who have consumed the flesh of a mermaid in hopes of becoming immortal. But the powerful substance affects each person differently. Yuta and Mana are two of the lucky ones. Others are fated to die or transform into a savage monster, a "lost soul." Mermaid Saga contains three of Takahashi's uniquely macabre mermaid tales: A Mermaid Never Smiles, The Village of the Fighting Fish, and Mermaid Forest. Each revolves around Yuta, who wanders for hundreds of years, seeking a mermaid to cure him of his immortality.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Mermaid saga
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Romance , Horror , Action
Product Code PRE-2004043004
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"Nice, but confusing at times..." by Kyoudai (Nederland) on Apr 30, 2006

Who thinks this manga is about beautiful and cheerful sea creatures, as in regular mermaid tales, is completely wrong.

In this manga the mermaids are very violent and often very scary. But that's what makes the story line more tense.
There's a lot of bloodshedding, but more important the story tells about the bonds between the different people.

In the beginning it seems as if the manga exists of different stories, but later on you discover that all those stories are related to each other. But the shifting in time can be confusing.