Pita Ten ≫ Pita ten Serie TV vol 02 DVD PAL FR

Pita ten Serie TV vol 02 DVD PAL FR

Pita ten Serie TV vol 02 DVD PAL FR

Pita ten Serie TV vol 02 DVD PAL FR

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Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Mabell
Series Pita Ten
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language French
DVD region 2
Product Code MAB-PITV0002
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Customer reviews
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"Goede Anime love it" by Lillian Dietz (Nederland) on Aug 27, 2008

Dit is de allereerste anime die ik ooit heb gezien en ik vind het nog steeds een leuke anime. De karakters zijn mooi getekend en het heeft veel verschillende genres. Ik blijf altijd van Koge-Donbo's anime genieten

"An anime that will certainly make you smile ^^" by Nemesis (Netherlands) on Apr 30, 2008

I enjoyed this anime, because it was so cute and lighthearted.
Misha is Kotaro's stalker-angel, she follows him everywhere, even to school. She came to Earth with an assignment, she has to bring happiness to the people on Earth in order to pass for her angel exams. Unfortunately Misha is so clumsy, everything she tries to do to make Kotaro happy turns out in a disaster! Then there's the shy demon Shia who lives next door with her cat (named "Nya" or "Meow" by Misha). Shia is a demon apprentice, and just like Misha, she has to pass for her exams. Her cat tries to coach her in this, and tells her what kind of no-good deeds she should do, but Shia can't help but be kind to everyone. Together with Kotaro's classmates they will amuse you for several episodes ^^

"Pita 10" by Mari Kvanchiani (Nederland) on Jan 4, 2008

xD I like this anime!!!! it's drawn very cute!!!