Culdcept ≫ Culdcept vol 01 GN

Culdcept vol 01 GN

Culdcept vol 01 GN

Culdcept vol 01 GN

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In the magical land of Bablashca, card-shaped relics have been scattered far and wide. They are part of the ancient Culdcept, a book that created the universe. Whoever collects all the cards will have the power of gods, but only special people, called Cepters, can control the cards, and thus, control the universe...

The mysterious Black Cepters begin destroying city after city in search of the precious cards. The fate of Bablashca rests in Najaran, an apprentice Cepter who sets out on an improbable journey to conquer the Black Cepters before they discover the hidden relics!

Based upon popular Dreamcast and PS2 video games!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Culdcept
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Adventure , Action
Product Code PRE-2004042891
Customer reviews
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"Very nice!" by Remco van Wingerden (Nederland) on Jun 14, 2008

Culdcept is a manga series that many people will pass by without noticing. I mean, the spine of the book doesn't say much. But if you do this, you're missing out on a very interesting manga-experience. Its drawings are very rich in detail, the story is exciting and magical and there are plenty of funny situations. I'm still looking forward to the sixth volume and I hope it won't be cancelled again, because it doesn't deserve that.

"Cool manga series!" by Maik Ruiter (Netherlands) on Sep 8, 2007

the story reminded me of yugioh, with the summoning creatures through cards and all
Its got great art, shounen style creatures and action, and some great humor in it too