Card captor Sakura ≫ Cardcaptor Sakura vol 01 GN

Cardcaptor Sakura vol 01 GN

Cardcaptor Sakura vol 01 GN

Cardcaptor Sakura vol 01 GN

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Now in 100% Authentic Manga right-to-left format! From CLAMP comes the engaging tale of Sakura, an average 4th grade girl, who accidentally finds an enchanted book called "The Clow" in her father's library. The book once contained a set of magical Clow Cards, but they all escaped while the guardian of the book fell asleep. Now, Sakura is thrust into a mystical journey to capture all of the Clow Cards before they wreak chaos and destruction!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Card captor Sakura
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Action , Magical girl
Product Code PRE-2004042889
Customer reviews
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"Omigosh, love it love it!" by watashi-no-sekai (Nederland) on Feb 1, 2007

volume 1 of CCS is awesome!
Even if youve seen the anime, like me, lots of things are different. It's BETTER than the anime, believe me.
card captor sakura really IS a must have.

"Mwoaha.." by Marjolein de vries (Nederland) on Nov 19, 2006

Leuke voorkant,
Verhaal is goed

"Kopen!" by ? (Nederland) on Jul 23, 2006

Deze manga ga ik zeker kopen.
Vooral omdat hij zo dik is en ik er gewoon erg benieuwd naar ben.
Ik ga nu beoordelen op de buitenkant.
Zoals u ziet maar 4 sterren, dat is omdat er best wel wat meer op mocht staan maar hoe het er nu uitziet laat het er ook weer oud en magisch uitzien waar ik zelf meer van hou maar niet echt iets is voor card captor sakura kwa uiterlijk.
Aldus, vier sterren

"TOO CUTE~!" by Tirinity (Netherlands) on Jul 4, 2006

Card Captor Sakura is just.....too cute :3 it's a work of angels if I didn't know better!
Sakura is the cutest girl you will ever meet.
Tomoyo is the biggest Sakura fan you will ever meet.
And no-one loves food more than Kero-chan XD!
^_^ I love it all!

"I LOVE KERO-CHAN" by Hanna Jansen (Netherlands) on Jun 29, 2006

It's really funny! :D
And I become a totally Kero-chan fan! :D
Really, you've got 2 read it :)
You'll fall in love 2!
I promiss ^-^

Kisss, Mallow

"Great!!" by Kim Poppe (Nederland) on Jun 28, 2006

Cardcaptor Sakura is a great serie!
The art is beautiful! My friend borrowed it and all she talks about now is the cute Kero-chan X''D
Too bad Li isn't in volume 1. Oh, well I just buy volume 2 to, hihi.

"geweldig" by shientje123 (Nederland) on May 26, 2006

hele mooie serie! Het is grappig en heel mooi getekend door CLAMP. het is echt een must-read!!! het begin vind ik persoonlijk veel beter dan in de anime.

"Release!" by raffles (Nederland) on Jan 9, 2005

Dit vind ik echt een meesterwerk van CLAMP.
Ik was meteen verkocht van de manga.

De verhaallijn is heel anders dan in de anime. Andere volgorde qua clow cards vangen, en het begint ook heel anders. Dit is dan ook heel leuk gedaan. Als de verhaallijn van de manga en anime hetzelfde zijn, wordt het nogal saai.
Dat is met CCS dus absoluut niet zo.

"Beautiful art, too cute for words; a definite mahou shoujo story!" by Midnight Firefly (Netherlands) on Oct 26, 2004

Cardcaptor Sakura. One of the most popular anime and manga ever. And I'm sure everyone knows why. (It certainly isn't because of the abominable dubbed anime version, Cardcaptors!)

As soon as you start reading, you'll immediately notice the gorgeous art of the famous mangaka group CLAMP. Though the 'action scenes' are a bit too vague (you'll start seeing the drawings more clearly if you look more often and look closely), the regular scenes are done beautifully. The eyes are huge and innocent (except for the older characters, minus Yukito), the hair full of details and their body shapes are drawn wonderfully.

Another great thing are Tsukishiro Yukito's eyes. Though he is older than most characters, he doesn't have those 'older' eyes, the more narrow eyes. I think CLAMP did this on purpose, because of his shounen-ai/yaoi/slash relationship (it has never been confirmed though - at least, I don't think so) with Kinomoto Touya. Touya obviously acts more like a boy than Yukito, who is more of a feminine guy. Thus the larger eyes, more *femine* eyes. Details, eh?

Not to mention, Kero-chan. This little guy is amazingly cute, with some excellent lines, but when it comes to his larger, 'super cool' form, his ego swells up to the size of a melon. Which is a good thing.

And the best part? This is the 100% authentic, right-to-left format! Yes, my fellow CCS fans, meet Sakura and others with... *drumroll* SUFFIXES! And their names are spelled differently as well! (Except for Touya's, his name is spelled as Toya. It's because the Japanese use an 'u' if it's a long 'o'.) No idea what the suffixes mean? Not to worry, because there is a GLOSSARY! Very handy to manga newbies!

Now, why don't I give it 5 stars then, if I like it so much? Well, this is only the first part of the manga series. Meaning, there is no Syaoran. (WHAT!?) And, though I love the beginning, it's still the *beginning*, so it isn't all that spectacular. Plus, I didn't think ALL the stories were great. They were slightly below great ^_^;;

So overall, 4 stars. Definitely. I'd give it 4 and a half if it were possible, but alas...