XXX Holic ≫ XXXHolic vol 02 GN

XXXHolic vol 02 GN

XXXHolic vol 02 GN

XXXHolic vol 02 GN

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Kimihiro Watanuki thought he had signed up with a bunch of weirdos, and he was right! He became the unfortunate indentured servant of a woman known as Yuko Ichihara, who was widely rumored to be the time-space witch. Now his voyage through the worlds of the occult are off and running, as he and Yuko go visiting fortune-tellers and horoscope readers. But can the future really be told?

Meanwhile, the romance is heating up between Kimihiro and cute Himawari-chan. Then fate throws Kimihiro's old rival back into his life. Now Yuko invites all three to a temple to tell scary stories throughout the night. Is it just for fun or is there some deeper reason?

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Del Rey
Series XXX Holic
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Drama , Supernatural
Product Code PRE-2004042548
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"XXXHolic Volume 2" by Nova (Nederland) on Apr 11, 2007

XXXHolic is a great series, and volume 2 introduces us to a deeper level of the world Yuuko is dragging a very unwilling Watanuki into. Though the series does not have its depth and coherency as it has in later manga, it already presents the reader with wonderful art and a very original mood which few other manga I've read have been able to emulate. I'd say get it if you haven't read it already.