Chobits ≫ Chobits mini figure B

Chobits mini figure B

Chobits mini figure B

Chobits mini figure B

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Imported from Japan! From the collective creative talent of CLAMP comes their latest series to make the transition from print to TV, Chobits! Meet Chi, the latest advancement in Personal Computing (Persocoms), built with the enduringly sweet features of a young girl. Mysteriously abandoned in the trash, Chi is discovered by the equally lost Hideki who must teach Chi how to get by in the world. If only he knew how to himself! This series is scheduled to include: Chi in Tyrolean Dress, Chi in Brown Dress, Chi in Pajamas, Yuzuki, Sumomo, and Black Chi. Each carded 4" mini-figure comes pre-posed with display stand.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Small trading figures
Publisher Kodansha JP
Series Chobits
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code PRE-2004044001B
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Customer reviews
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"Cute" by marloes lof (Nederland) on Jun 19, 2008

Het beeldje is niet zo erg groot, maar toch wel gedetailleerd. Hij mag niet aan je verzameling ontbreken. Nu de prijs ook niet zo hoog is zie ik geen reden om hem niet aan te schaffen!

"Kawaii!" by SabineW (Nederland) on May 1, 2008

Het figuurtje is niet erg groot, maar toch erg schattig.
Mooi gedetailleerd ook. Een aanrader dus, zeker omdat het niet zo duur is.

"Prachtig Detail werk." by Dayokun (Nederland) on May 1, 2008

Voor de 4,10 euro die je hier voor betaald is dit hele goede kwaliteit, en alles bij elkaar staat dit heel mooi bij de rest van je verzameling.

"kawaii" by Maik Ruiter (Netherlands) on Mar 16, 2008

I know i'm not the first to say this, but it'll probably be smaller than you will expect. It still is cute though
the stance of the feet don't seem to match the stand too well, but with a little twitching and turning you'll get it
overall, a thumbs up

"Chobits mini figure - Chi in brown dress" by Veli Vidgren (Finland) on Dec 12, 2007

This mini figure is Chi in cute brown dress resembling a school uniform. A hole in figure's foot seems to be bit hard to fit to the stand and the details are quite limited due to figure's small size. Nevertheless, this cute figure is a nice addition to any Chobit fan's collection.

"Cute" by Dudie (Nederland) on Dec 7, 2007

This was the first figure i bought and allthough it's a bit tiny it's so cute.
Would prefer it a little bit bigger though.

"Kawaii" by Utena_Souma (Nederland) on Jun 26, 2006

Zo schattig!
Hij is behoorlijk klein, maar het feit dat ie zo mooi gedetailleerd is maakt het weer goed!

"Kawaii-ish" by Eldon (Finland) on Jan 30, 2006

Mine arrived with a broken leg (not the first time with bargain items, no less) but nothing a little bit of super glue couldn't fix. Light years away from Chii's usual cuteness (good design, ugly facial features) but for a freebie, semi-passable. Also got the Sumomo-chan one, which was both intact and cute, but on the whole spending a bit more money on bigger models is strongly encouraged...

"Kawaii !" by Ann-chii (België) on Jun 13, 2005

Het figuurtje van Konami is niet zo groot maar heeft erg veel details die goed uitgewerkt zijn en is enorm schattig. Must have voor alle Chobits-fanaten ;)

"Cute little Chii^^" by Kisa (Nederland) on Mar 7, 2005

This little figure of Chii is really cute,
it might be a little small but the details are good.
I had a litle trouble placing Chii on the display stand, but eventually it worked ^-^
And when it finally stands it really looks cool.

"Muito bonita tal e qual como a chii ^^" by LordZero (Portugal) on Feb 28, 2005

Excelente mini figure,detalhada e bonita e fica muito bem em qualquer colecção de um otaku o problema pode ser em algumas colecções de rapazes(tal como a minha)em que figuras deste tipo nunca ficam muito bem,mas para quem conheçe o anime vai adorar ver.

"klein maar fijn^^" by fairiewitch (België) on Jan 19, 2005

Shii is zo al cute en dat is deze mini figure zeker.
Het is heel mooi gemaakt.Weer een aanrader^^

"Que linda!" by Hana (España) on Dec 22, 2004

Es una figura de Chii muy bonita, con su típico vestido marrón. Está muy bien pintada y detallada, e incluye una peana para ser expuesta sin problemas. Se la recomiendo a cualquiera que desee tener una bonita figura en sus estanterias ^_^

"Figurita de Chii" by Tohru (España) on Aug 28, 2004

Esta es una serie de 6 figuritas de Chobits en la que podemos encontrar a Chii con un vestido, en pijama o de tirolesa, a Freya, a Sumomo y a Yuzuki.

En esta ocasión nos encontraremos con una preciosa Chii con el vestido marrón con el que ya la hemos podido ver en otras ocasiones. Mide unos 10 cm y tiene mucho detalle, todas vienen con una base y en una caja preciosa.

Una compra de la que no me he arrepentido ^_^

"Tolle Figur^^!" by lilith82w (Deutschland) on Aug 7, 2004

Hübsche Figur, für Chobitsfans nur zu empfehlen^^!!

"kawaii" by mondkind (Deutschland) on Jun 5, 2004

Die Figur ist sehr detailliert dargestellt und total süß anzusehen. Ein Muss für jeden Chobits-Fan!