Remote ≫ Remote vol 01 GN

Remote vol 01 GN

Remote vol 01 GN

Remote vol 01 GN

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From the creative minds of Seimaru Amagi and Tetsuya Koshiba comes this wildly compelling and ultra-violent manga that inspired a top TV drama in Japan. Kurumi Ayaki is a police officer with a record of excellence on the force and the guts and guile to back it up. She is summoned to solve those crimes that have been classified as unsolvable. Partnered with a mysterious young genius that is unable to feel emotions, she acts as his eyes and ears to piece together clues... even as her own personal life falls apart around her.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Remote
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Detective
Product Code PRE-2004032815
Customer reviews
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"Good story, poor artwork" by Kaj (Netherlands) on May 4, 2006

I read manga 1 through 5 of this rather exciting story.

Ayaki transferres to a special ops part of the police force, run by one man.
His past is shady and he's unable to leave the house he's in, so Ayaki has to keep in touch using a mobile phone.

The story is great and leaves many openings for great mysteries. You'll find yourself trying to think along and solving the mystery before it's all revealed. Sadly, the artwork lacks and is mediocre at best. The leading characters are well drawn, but the extra's are not. Overall, it gives the stiff feel of amateur artwork; the kind you'll find at a starter's sketchbook. Looking past that, it still deserves 4 stars.

"a real drama detective" by Andrea (Netherlands) on Jun 4, 2005

Remote volume 1 has 3 coler pages . It is a very good detective. Once you started reading the manga you want to know how it is gonne end. To bad the end you have to read in volume 2. I like volume 1 but the end wich was in volume 2 really ruined the story. The answer was kinda simple. But if you like that it is a very exiting manga with a lot of violence and blood. And there are some funny moments.

For the ones who do not know it yet. This manga is longer then 6 volumes. There are at least 10 volumes.