D. N. Angel ≫ D.N. Angel vol 02 GN

D.N. Angel vol 02 GN

D.N. Angel vol 02 GN

D.N. Angel vol 02 GN

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The annual midwinter hike is no walk in the park for the students of Azumano Middle School. Daisuke has been dreading the trek all year, but his one ray of hope is that he gets to show off his rugged charms for his beloved Risa. But when Daisuke and Riku find themselves lost and alone on the frigid mountainside, it's Dark to the rescue. Can the Phantom Thief save the day without blowing Daisuke's cover?

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series D. N. Angel
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Drama , Romance
Product Code PRE-2004032796
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Customer reviews
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"Big difference with the anime, positively!" by Dark Crystal (Netherlands) on Jul 26, 2007

At first you'd think the makers of the anime have completely overlooked this story, but the ones who have seen the entire serie know they included at least some bits that come from this volume. For the ones who haven't seen it: I'd hate to give you spoilers, so I won't tell. ^^

The good thing about this volume is that it shows when Daisuke first starts to like Riku instead of Risa. It doesn't really occur to him yet, but I think the readers will understand it better than how their relationship developes in the anime. Because here it shows the beginning, in the anime these scenes only come up at the near end of the series, when Daisuke and Riku are practically together already.

Anyway, once again this volume contains a lot of humor, cuteness, beautiful drawings and suspense. You just want to keep reading...

"Leuke, grappige, verslavende manga" by amber (Nederland) on Jan 31, 2007

leuke manga met een mooie tekenstijl (zie cover)
Het verhaal kan in het begin overdreven overkomen, maar zit je er eenmaal in dan is het zo verslavend dat de overdrevenheid vanzelfsprekend word.

"super" by melissa niemeijer (Nederland) on Oct 4, 2006

het is een leuke en vooral aan te raden serie die erg goed getekend is en als je er aan begint ben je er zo aan verslaafd!!!

"Confusing but Cute" by Rebecca (Nederland) on Mar 7, 2005

The story is a bit confusing,with all the transformations and love and enemy affairs. Sometimes you are wondering what's going on exactly....But the drawings are wonderful. They are very pretty! If you are drawing manga yourself,this is a must-have to learn from. And the characters look very cute. If you seek a splendid story,don't buy this.
But if you seek a light-hearted story with cute bishounen and cute looking girls (who look younger than they are -_- but everyone in this manga looks younger than he/she really is..) to cheer you up then don't wait any longer and buy this.

Het verhaal is ietwat verwarrend,met al die transformaties en liefdes en vijands verhoudingen. Soms vraag je je af waar het nu precies over gaat....Maar de tekeningen zijn prachtig. Ze zijn echt mooi! Als je zelf manga tekent,is dit erg goed om beter van te leren tekenen. Alle personen zien er erg schattig uit. Als je een geweldig verhaal zoekt,moet je dit niet kopen. Als je echter een luchtig verhaal zoekt met leuke jongens en er leuk uitziende meisjes (die er jonger uitzien dan ze zijn -_- maar iedereen in deze manga ziet er jonger uit dan-ie is) om je op te vrolijken, wacht dan niet langer en koop dit.