Comic Party ≫ Comic party (TKP) vol 01 GN

Comic party (TKP) vol 01 GN

Comic party (TKP) vol 01 GN

Comic party (TKP) vol 01 GN

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Manga fans and creators alike will enjoy this story by Sekihiko Inui that reads like a comedic, behind-the-scenes look at the real world of an aspiring manga artist. The plot centers on Kazuki Sendo, who has a passion and talent for painting and drawing that propels him into the world of Doujinshi (underground comics). Soon, Kazuki's everyday life is absorbed by drawing manga and attending a multitude of comic conventions. Sure, his new career as a struggling artist has begun, but at what cost to his friends and family?

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Comic Party
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Drama , Harem
Product Code PRE-2004032792
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Customer reviews
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"good manga" by stefan188 (Netherlands) on Jan 9, 2010

good manga series with lots of humor.
i have ordered it 04-01-2010 and it's arrived 5 minutes ago.maybe delay because of the snow but that's Ok

"Not so good as I expected..." by Sunabozu (Portugal) on Jan 4, 2010

Well, this manga could have been much better. There are too many crazy situations, which were supposed to be funny, but they ain't. The manga introduces too many girl characters, that were dispensable to the story. The art is not bad, but far from being moe. Nevertheless, it was not too bad to read.

"Décevant" by maître nuage (Belgium) on Jul 24, 2009

J'avoue ne pas comprendre le succès de ce manga.
je m'attendais à une bonne surprise comme avec Doujin work ou Genshiken, mais j'ai vite été déçu.
Il n'y a aucune histoire et les nouveaux personnages (féminins majoritairement) apparaissent sans cesse à un tel rythme qu'on n'a le temps de s'attacher à aucun d'entre eux.
C'est vraiment une énigme de voir qu'un manga qui parlent des erreurs à ne pas commettre qu'on on en réalise un, ait pu survivre sur 5 tomes...

"Refreshing,Hilarious and Interesting / Verfrissend, hilarischen interessant" by Reyna (Netherlands) on Sep 28, 2008

This series has everything you need to get a real feeling of a convention, and even though that might be because I just came back from one.. but I just got dragged into the story and lived along with Kazuki and Yuu's fun in drawing and selling doujinshi.

It's really refreshing to read something totally different then the 'serious' manga, not that those are bad, not at al! But it's just interesting to experience something totally new.

There was only one small thing that kept bothering me a bit, I'm not sure if it's just the translation or anything but from time to time the swearing was overdone and annoying ( Especially at the start. )

Other then that, this is an awesome manga that will succeed to make you smile and live along with these characters!!

Deze serie heeft alles wat je nodig hebt om het echte conventie gevoel te krijgen, misschien komt dat omdat ik net vandaag naar een conventie ben geweest.. Maar ik werd onder het lezen echt helemaal in het verhaal getrokken en leefde totaal mee in Kazuki en Yuu's plezier in het doujinshi tekenen en verkopen.

Het is echt verfrissend om is iets anders te lezen dan alle 'serieuze manga' niet dat die slecht zijn.. in tegen deel zelfs!. Het is gewoon erg interessant om iets totaal nieuws te lezen.

Het enigste wat voor mij een minpunt was, was dat zo nu en dan het schelden een beetje teveel was en dat irriteerde me ( vooral in het begin. )

Naast dat kleine puntje is dit gewoon een geweldige manga die je zal laten glimlachen en meeleven met deze personages!!

"the funniest manga ever" by Laaf (Nederland) on Apr 30, 2006

I find this the funniest manga that I have ever read, every page is full of tiny and major jokes, and humor, and also with great artwork! the artwork is very pretty, exept for the funny parts, ^^ those are just funny
I can really recommand this manga to people who like the humoures/about otaku kind off manga's!

"Very good" by Powerz (UK) on Dec 12, 2004

i liked this alot.

the stories good. the charcters are great and there is alot of great humor init.

the drawings are the best part about it though. they are done with great skill^^

"Nicely drawn" by Ammy (Nederland) on Oct 12, 2004

I really liked this manga its drawn very nice and funny too ^^