One Piece ≫ One piece Color walk vol 02 SC

One piece Color walk vol 02 SC

One piece Color walk vol 02 SC

One piece Color walk vol 02 SC

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Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / Illustration book
Publisher Shueisha
Series One Piece
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Comedy , Drama , Adventure , Action
Product Code SHU-OPEA0003
Customer reviews
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"Buckets of colourful fun." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Nov 1, 2004

This artbook is essentialy more of the same thing from Color Walk 1. Color Walk 1 was an immensely enjoyable exercise in imagination and silliness. A little more of that surely can't hurt. Oda's illustrations are still as vibrant and inventive. It's amazing just how bright and vivid everything looks. Bright colors have a highly shiny look to them, which really catches the eye.

Color illustrations for One Piece are spread over pages 8 to 94 of the book (which also includes 4 pages of sketches). The book covers the end of the Arlong story arc to somewhere in the Alabasta arc. A further six pages are labeled 'early days', and display some miscellaneous early color illustrations of Oda's. This is topped off by a mere eight pages of text (aptly titled 'mobochrome talk'), all in Japanese. But the textual portion of the book is hardly noticeable. It delivers in color illustrations and is perfectly accessible for the non-Japanese reader. A glossy postcard with the book's wraparound cover art is also included as a freebie, stuck onto the book's last page.

All things considered, I probably like this second book just a tiny bit less than I liked Color Walk 1. Oda's style just seemed a little more fresh, his drawings just a little more outlandish in that book. This is just the slightest of afterthoughts, though. Color Walk 2 delivers exactly where it should. It's offered at a very attractive price here, which makes the purchase an absolute no-brainer for One Piece fans. Oda's art can be enjoyed by all, though, providing you can summon a sense of quirky fun and childlike wonder.

"Encore meilleur que le premier" by Fabien BURLOT (France) on May 6, 2004

Dans cet artbook on retrouve toutes les illustrations de ODA des volumes 11 à 19. ODA m'impressionne de plus en plus avec ces illustrations couleurs tellement elles sont belles, toujours les bons choix de couleur, souvent humoristiques, un vrai régal pour les yeux ^^. On est toujours en train d'attendre une illustration couleur dans les pages du Jump.
On y retrouve également des dessins originaux de One Piece qui ne sont pas utilisés dans le manga.

Ruez vous dessus vous ne serez pas déçus.

"Alors la super " by NaRuTo (Belgique) on Apr 1, 2004

Pour cette article je mettrain bien 10 etoiles si il y en aurait plus, je l ai chercher cette artbooks et y a que ici que je l ai trouver et en plus vous avez vu le prix :( il est super pas cher ou quoi j ai sauter decu et je ne le regrette pas dutout, croyez moi c est plus de 100 pages d illustrations qui vous attends et que des superbelles illustrations de l auteurs d une des meilleurs serie de c est derniere annee , pour cette article je dis un GRAND merci a l equipe d archonia