Neon Genesis evangelion ≫ Neon genesis evangelion Die Sterne

Neon genesis evangelion Die Sterne

Neon genesis evangelion Die Sterne

Neon genesis evangelion Die Sterne

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The illustration book every Neon Genesis Evangelion fan should have in his/her collection! 121 pages

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / Illustration book
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Series Neon Genesis evangelion
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code KAD-NGEA0002
Customer reviews
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"A veritable treasure trove of Evangelion art." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Dec 11, 2006

In just over a hundred pages, 'Die Sterne' delivers a huge amount of Evangelion art. Most of it is celluloid-based art made to promote the TV series, spanning everything from posters to magazine covers. If you're an ardent Evangelion fan, you'll have seen a lot of this art before. Chances are you own a bunch of DVDs and trading cards featuring these very same illustrations. But then again, if you're an ardent Evangelion fan, you'll probably be overjoyed to have a book that collects all the cel art from your favourite show in one place.
That's not to say 'Die Sterne' only has old news to tell. The sheer wealth of illustrations in the book means there are bound to be a few new discoveries in there. Some very rarely seen illustrations are featured in the book. Picture, if you will, limited-edition Japanese VHS covers, or art of the characters sponsoring a brand of canned coffee. And that's before we even get to the book's middle section. In a segment titled 'Der Regenbogen', we're presented with some fascinating tribute illustrations from other famous Japanese artists. It really is a treat to see big names such as Tsutomu Nihei (author of the manga Blame!) or Nobuteru Yuki (character designer of Escaflowne and Macross Plus) render the Evangelion characters in their own personal style. The book ends with some new full-colour Evangelion manga illustrations from Sadamoto. These are, as always, a feast for the eyes with intricate detail and gorgeous, vivid colours.
With so much content, and such a number of rare illustrations, no Evangelion fan worth his salt should be without a copy of 'Die Sterne'. One little gripe I have about the book, though, is that some pages feature too many illustrations for their own good. This means some truly beautiful illustrations have to sit on the corner of a page, heavily scaled down while an entire page is devoted to yet another fairly bland cel illustration of Rei in a pretty pose. I'm not too sure about the choice of images that got the luxury of a full page. I would've preferred the awesome box art for Evangelion model kits to've gotten some more page space instead of all the repetitive posing girls, for instance, but popular opinion seems to dictate otherwise. It's too bad, but it doesn't ruin what is otherwise a handsome, big and chunky art book. Full marks for the high quality paper and slick cover, too.
Incidentally, there have been several international releases of this book. You can probably hunt down a French or English edition of 'Die Sterne' far more easily than the elusive Japanese edition. It's well worth it no matter which you edition you get, however.

"Not a "Der Mond" continuation, but a great recopilation" by Soth (Spain) on Mar 11, 2004

First of all this is not the continuation of Sadamoto's "Der Mond", although it shares the same format and the same style (Der Mond means in German "the Moon" and Die Sterne means "the Stars").
Basically it is a compilation of images related to Evangelion: covers from Laser Disc, CDs, DVDs, posters,images from magazines, etc... with the supervision and personal selection of Hideaki Anno.
In 122 pages (111 in color) are compiled 321 images, being the oldest of them from late 1995 and newest ones from past year (in the end it includes an appendix like in "Der Mond" that explains from where comes each one). In order to give capacity to many images in few pages they have chosen to include very few ilustrations at full page, normally finding 4-6 images by page, but big enough to be able to appreciate them.
For fans of Sadamoto works, it includes 23 images from him (including the cover), the majority, 12 of them, being the color illustrations from the volumes of his manga not appeared in Der Mond (up to Volume 4).