Transformers ≫ Transformers BT-06 Tracks Corvette Diecast figure

Transformers BT-06 Tracks Corvette Diecast figure

Transformers BT-06 Tracks Corvette Diecast figure

Transformers BT-06 Tracks Corvette Diecast figure

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The sixth in the extremely popular Binaltech series from Takara is the Autobot Tracks. Tracks' altmode is a sleek corvette.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ5006
Customer reviews
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"Tracks will never change" by Booly (Belgium) on Jul 24, 2009

Tracks is probably the most narcissist Autobot ever... the guy's so in love with himself that it impedes his combat abilities, according to his bio.

But as much as I'd hate that bot if I had to work with him, I love the toy! I was lucky enough to have a G1 Tracks when I was a kid, and I loved it! The alternate mode (a Corvette Stingray) was one of the best-looking ever, and the bot mode was carrying enough weapons to start a war on its own.

Well, the BT version of our egocentric one-bot army is just like the good old times: a very convincing 'vette (a Z06 this time) transforming into a fiercly armed warrior with nothing less than 7 guns (a double barreled gun on each forearm, missile launchers on the shoulders and his handgun). What else could we expect?

Well, to be honest, even if I was surprised in a very good way by the bright yellow colour (I wanted a blue Tracks in the beginning, but they're awfully hard to find, sadly enough), I was less than impressed by the leg posability in robot mode. Sure, this is no action figure, and I didn't expect Tracks to deal roundhouse kicks like Chuck Norris, the poseable legs are not as nicely articulated as the other BTs/MPs/Alternity I own :-/

And to balance a very convincing alternate mode, there's a flaw in the car as well: the hood is problematic to open as well, I had to use something flat enough to slide under it to open it correctly.

But all in all, Tracks is pretty decent, and the price tag makes it even nicer to buy...

Definitely a go on that one :)

"Good looking in both modes!" by Lars Elmik (Sweden) on May 12, 2007

This is one of the less poseable Binaltechs (at least the legs), but I still like it a lot!
Except for the color it looks very much like Tracks, but if you REALLY is upset that it's the "wrong" color, you are in luck as there is a blue version out there too!
It's also stunning but I think the coloursheme of this version looks even better.
He is also packing some searious heat, as he has besides the gun, twin missiles on his shoulders and two twin blaster's conceald in his wrists that he can pop out.

This is to me THE best looking car-mode out there in the Binaltech line and this is the most vibrant beutiful colour to go with that mode.

"Tracks reborn, in yellow" by Winkelkar (Belgium) on Oct 6, 2004

Tracks is a wonderful edition to the BinalTech line and the choice of a Chevrolette Corvette Z06 not only fits Tracks' personality as the vain member of the team but also lies in the same line with his former alternate mode in my opinion.

Tracks is one of the few robots that has been able to keep his original name. Much to my personal taste because no offense to the Japanese scriptwriters but names such as Lambor and Meister don't appeal to me. Transformers had after all originally an English audio track.

I can see why the choice of the Corvette. It fits him perfectly and is one of the only cars that work with Tracks. There are maybe some models which are more fitting but I doubt that the end result would like as good as this one right now.
Only a shame that the yellow was chosen as the first production colour because frankly I had hoped for a blue Tracks the day he was announced but, of course, Has/Tak never dissapoints and gives us what we want after buying the yellow model first of course.
But that colour scheme was demanded by the car company so at first I guess they didn¿t have much say to it.

The contents of the box are the same as the other releases:

- Toy
- Display stand
- Techspec card
- Manual

Same comment as the other releases here. There obviously went a lot of thought into the packaging. From the choice to the clear plastic to show off the toy, to the inner flaps with the "mechanics" printed on. The front features a pic of him in robot mode. With his BT number printed in the lower left corner and his name next to it. In the upper left corner is the 20th anniversary logo printed.
The back shows off the details of the toy along with a nice picture of him in vehicle and robot mode.
The toy itself is very well wrapped in a mixture of clear plastic and twist ties (leave those out please). But it only shows how much effort they put in these toys.
On a side note I really like the logo's from the car companies. It makes the display stand all the more stunning and it's a simple but kewl feature.

Car Mode

Simply drop dead gorgeous. The Z06 looks sleek, fast, is extremely detailed and besides the licence plate it's impossible to say it's a robot in disguise.
I like the details on this one more than Sideswipe's incarnation. The seats are painted in a nice red colour, the dashboard is just like with the other releases detailed to the extreme, the hood opens just like the real car, the brakes are also coloured in red, the door handles, etc etc.
It's insane to describe every little detail to the bone. It just comes down to the fact that the sculpt is absolutely stunning and feels exactly like it¿s real life counterpart. I also have to say that the yellow looks more ugly on photo than it does in real life. The yellow is actually a deeper yellow and not a shiny layer which you think it has when you see it on pictures. I really like it and I don't mind having him in yellow.
The car mode definitely gets a 10 from me.

I've read numerous opinions of people who experienced paint chipping and to be hoenst I've never had that problem with any of my BT's. Until this one that is.
The problems I encountered with the paint are with the hood and the doors.
The hood is made out of two parts because of the design of the robot mode. The two parts can scratch eachother at the point where they're supposed to hold together and at the doors. When you open the doors they can scratch at the side of where the hinge is. This is because the hinge is fairly deep inside the car and it swivels outside.


Very interesting. I had more problems with this one than Hound but then again Hound is the most simple on of all, at least till now.
The most hard part for me was the extension of the legs. You have to pull them away from the body to extend them to their full length and because the joints are pretty tight I was afraid I would break something. But that's the only hard part of him to transform or let's say I'd advice caution around that area. The upper part of the body is very very simple. You don't even need the manual for that part.
What I also really liked was that transforming him back into carmode went flawlessly. I had the problem with Silverstreak that I couldn't fold his legs decently into carmode and so I couldn't put the doors in the right position to make him look like a solid car again.
None of this with Tracks!
Everything clicks and folds together very easily (even the legs) and there are no gaps or anything noticeable.

Robot mode:

Very very impressive. Definitely the heavy arms of the crew so far.
He has dual Plasma Shotguns oin his wrists which can retract, double missile launchers and the Black Beam Gun. His overal looks are very impressive and the grey used for his body and the main colour in robot mode works really well and adds to the robot feeling. There's even this little car-rooftop-like-thingy which the original Tracks also had. More G1 to me! The only thing that appeals less to me is that the car parts just "fly around" his robot mode. Besides the shoulders none of the car parts are used into his main robot mode and that's quite a shame because he's just ugly to look at from the back with the hood and doors just hanging of him. That's the only thing I have to remark on his robot form.

His head is G1 true to the colours and shape. Just like Sideswipe's a feature I really like and gives it the 80's feeling the first Tracks toy had everytime I see it.
The arms have great poseability. They can even fold inwards something the previous BT's lacked in my opinion. It adds to his movement, it makes it more realistic which result in better poses. Also I saw pictures of him while he was still in production fase and I didn¿t like how the joint in the elbows were manufactured but it turned out really nice. They bend far enough to make a 90 degree bend and that's far enough for me.
The gun doesn't have a little peg that you have to put in a hole in his fist. Instead it just slides down very fimly. I wouldn't mind if all the BT's had this kind of system for the weapon. But on the other hand you have open fists all the time. Doesn't really bother but it's just a remark. {;-)
His legs also have a decent amount of articulation in them. You can bend them at the knees far enough to make a kneeling position but... the parts of the hood are in the way... You can't bend em far without having to tear off the hood parts. A real let down because this could have easily been the most versatile BinalTech.
Another point of lesser articulation are the feet. And this is where I'm dissapointed in his robot mode. They can't swivel to the sides. They're just two pieces of plastic. And therefore because the feet the poseability is somewhat hindered. But hey considering the rest of him this is just a minor minor complaint.

So in short this is a real solid release which I seriously recommened to every Transformer fan.
Car mode is absolutely gorgeous, robot mode looks awesome with enough poseability and it's a great collector's item.
There are some minor complaints but they can't measure up to the good points.
So if you don't mind owning a yellow Tracks this is the one to buy.

"BT-06 Tracks" by g2jazz (Nederland) on Sep 22, 2004

alt mode and robot gives the real g1 tracks feel. even with the yellow color. so the thought of color is a awful color... it is not true it is a very color that is just as cool as his g1 blue.

minor points:

in car mode i have only trouble with getting the hood open... it is kind of hard to do it without possible damage to the paintjob.....

his feet... it is really hard to transform his front into his feet.. because it has tobe extended and the diacast parts has to slip to diffent parts.... you will always feel like it will damage the paintjob again....
but the transformation isn't as hard as, smokescreen.... but isn't as easy as bt`s hound.

his feet again..... the feet aren't like those of lambor or hound and the rest. there for he is a LITTLE less posable... but that isn't a real downer..... his robot is still very ass kicking :)

overal... 4 stars