Suikoden III ≫ Suikoden III vol 01 GN

Suikoden III vol 01 GN

Suikoden III vol 01 GN

Suikoden III vol 01 GN

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Enter a world filled with adventure, love, bravery, trust and courage.

Enter the world of Suikoden!

As a young girl, Chris Lightfellow lost her father to the flames of war.Following in his footsteps, Chris entered military school and trained to become a knight. But when Chris' commanding officer is killed in battle, will Chris come into her own as a knight ... or follow her father's place to the grave?

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Suikoden III
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Adventure , Action
Product Code PRE-2004022675
Customer reviews
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"I'm hooked~!" by Arck (Nederland) on Sep 24, 2006

Unfortunately, I never played the game (it only got released in America and Japan and I didn't want to go through the trouble of importing it). When I found out the game was turned into a manga, I was so happy! Now I can at least read about the story! Great manga, but maybe confusing for newcomers.

"I'm a fan!" by Ying (Sweden) on Sep 15, 2006

I was overjoyed when Tokyopop released Suikoden 3!
The artwork is absolutely beatiful and the story interesting. As a fan of the game I'm tempted to give it a five! But I guess readers who havn't played the game would get a bit confused. After all it's 108 character we're talking about! And squeezing them all in 12 volumes ain't easy!

"Excellent" by sam van doorn (Nederland) on Jan 16, 2005

I only saw the cover of this manga, and I thought it would be a nice manga.
And my god it's a good manga =) artwork is very nice and the story constantly keeps you on guard. Beautifull combination of action and drama.
just a great manga, buy it!


"COOL manga!" by Inotti (Finland) on Dec 23, 2004

All, who have ever palyed suikoden series, should really read this! Suikoden is not as popular than final fantasy, and suikoden games are really hard to find, but It has over 100 characters story is really awesome.
And Aki Shimitsu's art is really beautiful.^^

"zielig maar hecht verhaal" by Persephone [ZTM] (Nederland) on Oct 25, 2004

Ik moest even slikken toen de drama begon maar de jongen slaat zich er wel doorheen. Als het begint wordt je snel duidelijk dat het gaat om twee landen die oorlog voeren en dat het vele slachtoffers eist. Als de jongen zijn vogel/ arend vind is hij zielsgelukkig maar na het besluit van de moeder is de jongen gebroken en komt de dappere man boven. Maar als zijn vriend sterft gaat hij huilen ik vind het een zielig boek vanwege de zware dingen die hij meemaakt maar uiteindelijk wordt hij de sterkste!
Onwijs goed boek!