Pita Ten ≫ Pita ten vol 03 GN

Pita ten vol 03 GN

Pita ten vol 03 GN

Pita ten vol 03 GN

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Calamitous Crushes, Spirited Suspicious and Divine Deception.Ever since he was a little boy, Kotarou has been able to see angels. This has certainly come in handy, since he has one named Misha living next door! But when the angel Sasha descends to Earth, she's a bit flustered by Kotarou's ability to sense her. Sasha also has suspicious about Misha's roommate, Shia. Indeed, what secrets does Shia keep safely tucked inside her raven-topped head? Is she a vampire, a demon, a ghost, or another angel? In the midst of such contemplations, Sasha develops a massive crush on Kotarou's best friend, Takashi! But wait! Can it be that Takashi actually has feelings for ... Shia?!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Pita Ten
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Harem , Magical girl
Product Code PRE-2004022670
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"Meer 'nd meer..." by Lisa de Lege (Nederland) on Aug 6, 2006

Toen Kotarou klein was, heeft hij engels gezien. Dat komt waarschijnlijk wel goed uit, als ook Misha nog eens naast hem komt wonen! Dan verschijnt er ook nog eens een andere(en oude bekende!) engel, Sasha. Yep, dingen veranderen...

"super!" by HildeKitten (Belgi├ź) on Aug 12, 2004

and once again the story continues in a marvelous way. Extra characters are still being added to the story rather then some filling in and I really love how the story is just starting to unfold. Its not only a cutely drawn manga, the character development is wonderful.