XXX Holic ≫ XXXHolic vol 01 GN

XXXHolic vol 01 GN

XXXHolic vol 01 GN

XXXHolic vol 01 GN

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Watanuki Kimihiro is haunted by visions of ghosts and spirits. Seemingly by chance, he encounters a mysterious witch named Yuuko, who claims she can help. In desperation, he accepts, but realizes that he's just been tricked into working for Yuuko in order to pay off the cost of her services. Soon he's employed in her little shop-a job which turns out to be nothing like his previous work experience!

Most of Yuuko's customers live in Japan, but Yuuko and Watanuki are about to have some unusual visitors named Sakura and Syaoran from a land called Clow. .

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Del Rey
Series XXX Holic
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Drama , Supernatural
Product Code PRE-2004022282
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Customer reviews
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"Curiosity" by tripztar (Netherlands) on Apr 19, 2010

I just received this manga, and i gotta say that I really couldn't stop reading. I have watched the anime (which is amazing as well) but the manga has so much more details to offer. It makes you curious and let you ask yourself " ok what will happen next?".
This is another wonderful manga created by CLAMP definitely a winner if you like mysterious and humor combined together.

"Nog niet echt begonnen maar wel leuk." by Lee (Nederland) on Sep 26, 2008

Ik had verwacht dat het meer als Tsubasa zou zijn maar mysterieuzer omdat de tekenstij zo apart is. Het is echter grotendeels komisch van toon.
Het verhaal is nog niet echt begonnen dus ben benieuwd naar deel twee. Voor zover is het wel erg leuk maar het is meer een introductie, dat is ook duidelijk in het einde denk ik.

"jippie" by Zie Groenen (Nederland) on Aug 11, 2008

Dit is echt een mysterieuze maar zeker toch wel grappige serie!
eerst dacht ik dat het een soort van detective zou zijn, maar toen ik hem begon te lezen , was het ook wel zeer grappig, zeker aan te raden!

"Something different" by Qianna (Nederland) on Aug 9, 2008

Before xxx-holic I read many magical girl manga. I also read other clamp stories, but this is honestly something different. The ghosts and spirits Watanuki sees actually look frightening and the story stays fascinating until the end of the volume. Naturally it made me want to read more. So the next volumes will also be found on my shelves in the near future!

"Mystical, humerous & excellent drawings" by Anto (Belgium) on Mar 14, 2007

XXXholic is one of the most best manga I've discovered the last few years.

This manga kicks ass. Style, design, details... There's beauty & originality on every inch of the page. Every object & piece of clothing seems to come straight from a specialist designer. And all of that without messing up the readability. Ok, there's no giant-robo, there's no wicked martial arts and there's no stunning super-human abbilities. But the supernatural ghost stuff is as breathtaking as it can get. And I really mean breathtaking.

Really this is one of the best concepts I've seen in years. Mad characters, loads of humour, a dazzling plotline, mystery, culture, ghosts, magic and way too much alcohol! The story takes you on a strange trip through a universe of ghosts, parralel worlds, destiny, magical objects and mysterious events. With every chapter you get sucked into the atmosphere more and more, making XXXholic into quite a pageturner. The story has numerous overlaps with other series of the CLAMP collective but you needn't have any knowledge of those to fully understand XXXholic.

Del rey publishes it's stories as close to the original japanese content as possible, furthermore it adds a bunch of very usefull information to the back of every volume. And you don't see that often.

this certainly gets a triple A+

"XXXHolic mysterieuze wijze." by Kenitay Cordromp (Nederland) on Feb 2, 2007

XXXHolic is een zeer diepe en interesante manga, wat gebaseerd is op het super natuurlijken. Er is een heleboel te zien en te leren over het Japanse cultuur met haar mysterieuze verhalen.
Dit manga is erg aan te raden voor diegenen die van deze thema's houden.

"Leuke manga, iets vernieuwends, fantasy" by riechan (België) on Jan 15, 2007

XXX Holic is gewoon leuk! De tekening alleen al die telkens een nieuw hoofdstuk aanduiden, zijn adembenemend mooi. XXX Holic is een manga die je doet nadenken, en waar bij je verschillende scènes een paar keer zal moeten lezen, om echt te begrijpen waarover Yûko Ichihara het heeft. De manga heeft goede humor, vooral de manier waarop Watanuki klaagt over Yûko en hoe Yûko hierop reageert.
Maru en Moro zijn echt schattig en geven aan XXX Holic een schattige toets.
Gewoon een manga die je moet lezen, wil je iets lezen met inhoud, fantasy en humor.

""review"" by Rebecca (Nederland) on Mar 7, 2005

XXXHolic is a great manga! I really love it. It is really funny,but it's not only funny,it's also exciting and when you read it you are always wondering what's going to happen next. It is not dull at all! And it's one of the few manga where I really have sympathy for the characters. Yuko Ichihara is a great character and Watanuki too. It's very funny how he always complains about yuko,and especially when he thinks she can't hear it. And the explainations at the end are also very funny.....Especially if they explain what "Maru-dashi" and "Morodashi" the full names of Yuko's assistents Maru and Moro,mean. But I'm not going to tell you that. If you want to know why Maru and Moro (the poor Maru and Moro.................) would probably have been not pleased with their "names" if they had souls,then read the manga! ^_^

XXXholic is een geweldige manga! Ik ben er dol op.Het is erg grappig,maar het is niet alleen grappig,het is ook nog spannend,en als je het leest ben je je constant aan het afvragen wat er nu weer zal gaan gebeuren.En het is één van de weinige manga waarin ik sympathie heb voor de hoofdpersonen.Yûko Ichihara is een geweldig persoon,en Watanuki ook. Het is erg grappig hoe hij altijd klaagt over haar,vooral als hij denkt dat ze het niet kan horen.En de uitleg aan het eind is ook erg grappig....Vooral als ze uitleggen wat "Maru-dashi" en "Moro-dashi" (de complete namen van Maru en Moro,de assistenten van Yûko) betekenen. Maar dat ga ik je niet vertellen...Als je wilt weten waarom Maru en Moro (arme Maru en Moro..............................................)waarschijnlijk niet echt blij zouden zijn geweest met hun "namen" als ze zielen zouden hebben,lees de manga dan! ^_^

"CLAMP - do i need to say more?" by The Almighty (Nederland) on Jun 8, 2004

This is a very funny and very well thought manga from the creators of Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Chobits, X/1999 - and a bunch of less-known manga (although that doesn't make them ugly or anything)
What really rocks about XXXHolic and his counterpart (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) is that most of the manga formerly created by CLAMP is put into a genuine japanese creative BLENDER - creating not only a good storyline - but also recognisable parts - if you read the other manga of CLAMP. The last unique thing about this manga is that XXXHolic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle are 1 and the same story - but told from totally different perspectives. However - i don't want to take the fun of reading it yourself, so BUY BUY BUY - You won't regret it (anyway - its the website's responsibility to make a good summary :P)