Negima ≫ Negima vol 01 GN

Negima vol 01 GN

Negima vol 01 GN

Negima vol 01 GN

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Don't touch that wand!

Ten-year -old prodigy Negi Springfield has just graduated from magic academy. He dreams of becoming a master wizard. Instead he's sent to Japan to teach English ... at an all-grils high school! All the students are delighted with their cute new teacher - except for Asuna, who resents Negi for replacing the teacher she secretly has a crush on.

Although he is forbidden to display his magical powers, sometimes Negi can't resist. And when Asuna discovers Negi's secret, she vows to make his life as difficult as possible - just the thing to prepare Negi for challanges of life as a masterd wizard!

Includes special extras after the story !

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Del Rey
Series Negima
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Harem , Action , Magical girl , Ecchi
Product Code PRE-2004022280
Customer reviews
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"veel humor" by manon (Netherlands) on Mar 19, 2010

zeer goede manga, zeker een aanrader voor iedereen die van humor en afwiseling houd.

"Awesome." by Wilma Zoetemelk (Nederland) on Mar 14, 2009

An Awesome manga. It's very funny, but can be serious at times.
The characters are a bit different at the start of the manga then later, when they get there own (sub)plot, but that's because managing like 31 characters is hard. If you overlook that, you'll have alot fun reading this manga.

"Very good manga!" by Martin Sekeras (Slovakia) on Jan 20, 2009

Negima is my favorite and is one of the best. I am totally on it. The characters are very charismatic and the magic is interesting. But the most interesting thing there is Evangeline A.K. McDowell (one of the characters) :P

This is the english translation and edition by DEL REY. I think its quite good.

"Good!" by Anna Bruun Pedersen (Denmark) on May 4, 2008

I think it's a good manga and I like that Ken Akamatsu has focused on more girls than in Love Hina - It makes the story more exciting because there's always some characters you don't know! ;P And I like magic!

"Dissapointment" by Muffistic (België) on Dec 19, 2007

I'm also reading Love Hina, and this manga kinda dissapointed me... Maybe bc i expected too much of it, idk. It just seems that i didn't like it. It's funny, yes, but sometimes... Maybe i will consider buying the next volume, bc i've read that the 1st manga doesn't introduce the story well... It was funny to read, but normally if you buy a manga you're sur that you'll buy the next volume and you get hooked immediately. This one didn't...

"VET" by -- (Nederland) on Sep 30, 2007

Negima is een typische manga serie met veel humor. een goede aanrader voor manga fans>!!

"negima ^^" by WitchAlchemist (Nederland) on Sep 1, 2007

Als je van Love Hina houd is deze manga een aanrader. Het verhaal op zich is niet zo heel sterk, maar er zit goeie humor in en het leest heel makkelijk weg, en tekenstijl vind ik top!

"Fantastische manga" by Rockheero (België) on May 30, 2007

'k moet Paul wel gelijk geven dat ik de eerste delen minder interresant vind

Het grote verhaal komt traag op gang.
De eerste twee delen zijn meer introductie van de personages dan verhaal.
Als je aan het vierde deel begint met de actie, humor en de ecchi bij elkaar dan is het een goede mix.

Zoals iedereen waarschijnlijk wel weet is deze manga van de maker van Love Hina
'k Vind het eigenlijk niet dat je het niet met iets anders moet vergelijken. Elk verhaal is een verhaal op zich.

En voor mensen die afgeschikt zijn van ecchi is dit toch een goede manga. Het draait vaak ook rond de gevoelens van elk belangrijk (en veel minder belangrijk) personage in de manga. Een reden voor iedereen om de serie op te pikken

Een aanrader

"slecht begin" by Paul Hendrix (Netherlands) on Mar 2, 2007

Eerlijk gezegd vind ik deel 1 van de serie nogal matig. Het verhaal komt nog niet fatsoenlijk op gang, en de nadruk ligt nog veel te veel op het H-element.

De latere delen zijn beter.

"at least love hina was fun" by ORPHAN SMARTYPANTS L =) (Netherlands) on Oct 22, 2006

the best way to describe the feeling this manga will give you is not in this review
but it sucks.


"Negima is my number one favourite manga" by Remco van Wingerden (Nederland) on Sep 21, 2006

In my opinion Negima can only be described by taking a bunch of superlatives and putting them together. Some people describe it as "Harry Potter goes to Japan and meets Love Hina" and I think that covers it quite well. It's easily my favourite manga and that's not just because of all those cute girls :)
Every panel in the manga is crammed with the finest artwork and details. Every speech balloon itself contains about more text than your avarage manga's entire page and therefore it's a manga that gives you the impression that you've read a complete novel when you're done.
I'm a fan of Harry Potter, but Negima is even more fun. It's got the beautiful artwork combined with the entertaining story, the humour and the characters. It's so much more crazy than Harry's adventures and there are so many characters around with a wide variety of magical powers or martial arts techniques that you could say that this world is even more magical than Harry's.
On top of that, there's always an extensive lexicon at the end of the book that explains about the ancient Japanese or Greek spells or the different martial arts techniques that are used. So besides entertaining the reader, it also informs you on some interesting subjects.
Ken Akamatsu delivers a manga with all the right ingredients. Girls will feel right at home with all the yada-yada going on in the classroom and the cute characters. Boys will like the cute girls, the magic, the martial arts, the fan-service, etc. It's fun to read and it's got so much detail, depth, humour and interesting characters, so I can only say that this is my favourite and I will recommend it as a must-read.

"awsome" by maurice (Netherlands) on May 21, 2006

it's really awsome and the girls ar reeeeeaaaaaaly HOT(when they are undressed that is)

"Negima GN 1" by Kanna (Nederland) on May 5, 2006

A lovely comeback from Ken!
This serie is really fun and also agian
a lot of school girls!

"arguably one of the funniest I¿ve read" by Hikaru (Nederland) on Mar 25, 2006

seriously this is a very funny manga, believe me I know fun :p
On top of this it¿s drawn magnificently well, it¿s totally love hina style. If you haven¿t bought this manga already do it now!

"If you like Love Hina" by Mazojedi (Finland) on Mar 12, 2006

This is good manga and way too better than Love hina...Only bad thing is Harry potter looking main charachter...

"Akamatsu doing what he does best" by Taavimus Prime (Finland) on Nov 5, 2005

If you threw Harry Potter and Love Hina into a blender, you'd probably end up with something like Negima. The series is typical Akamatsu stuff - a bunch of cute girls (The Library Trio are my personal favorites, especially the shy cutie Nodoka), a leading male that's not very manly (though Negi at age 9 has a far better excuse for that than Keitaro at... was it 20?) and plenty of wacky adventures which often involve the girls getting in some state of undress. It might not be great literature, but it sure is great entertainment.

"Definetly Akamatsu!" by Zeouterlimits (Ireland republic) on Oct 8, 2005

As fans of his other great manga's will see(love hina and you), this is Akamatsu at his best, both funniest and prettiest (refering to our beautiful students).
The story is as usual a bit far-reaching but great hilarity is a result. The main character is an usual one, as for a romance, he is 4 years younger than the herione.
Strongly recommended!

"Geweldig!" by Goom64 (Belgium) on Jul 12, 2005

Heel leuke en grappige reeks! Del Rey levert hier puik werk mee, en de art van Ken Akamatsu (beter bekend van Love Hina) wordt gewoon beter en beter. Hij creëert in deze manga zoveel leuke meisjes (31) en geeft ze allemaal hun eigen stijl en karakter. Toch wel de top qua Ecchi-manga tegenwoordig met pikante stukjes fanservice en een vlot, fantasievol verhaal gespekt met heel wat actie!
In het begin lijkt hij wat te veel op Love Hina misschien, maar dit is niet meer dan een eerste indruk, na een paar volumes is dit gevoel helemaal weg ook eens je de personages beter leert kennen ^_-

"De manga Negima!" by _Lizzie_McMirte_ (Nederland) on Jul 1, 2005

't Is een hele mooie manga, goed werk Ken Akamatsu! Nadat ik alle Love Hina series had gelezen wou ik meer. Toen heb ik Negima! gekocht. Echt een hele goede manga, en erg grappig!

"Negima vol.1" by Greetje Sietsma (Nederland) on Aug 14, 2004

Fantastisch! Ik heb het in een adem uit gelezen. Het onderwerp is erg leuk. Over gewone meiden met een vleugje magie. Het is ook uitstekend getekend. Van elke bladzij kon ik weer genieten. Het is niet echt een heel verhaal, maar meerdere gebeburtenissen en dat maakt het leuk. Het is zeer afwisselend.
Ik wacht met smart op vol. 2.

"Not better than Love Hina, but still a great manga :)" by Hans (Nederland) on Aug 5, 2004

Negima! is the newest serie of Ken Akamatsu, creator of Love Hina.

Instead of focusing on 6 major-girls-roles (in Love Hina), Akamatsu-san now focus on more than 20! (with 1 main girl character, Asuna) So in the beginning, I couldn't recognise them, but I think that problem will be solved by itself.

You can tellin one blink that this manga was created by the same man who created Love Hina: In other words: the art is drawn gorgeous, just like LH :) The girls also bath often (or get their clothes ripped off :P) so that's why it's for OT, 16 .

The story is a little vague, maybe it's because some parts are translated incorrectly, but in overall, DelRey did a great job!

I know I have been comparing it with Love Hina a lot, sorry for that. All in all a great manga, recommend for everyone, but I still like LH more. But the serie just started and can only become better :)

I really look forward on volume 2, I pre-ordered it :)